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4 Ways To Prepare For Your First-Ever Zip-Lining Experience In Nigeria

Zip-lining is a relatively new adventure activity here in Nigerian, as is Bungee jumping. Many people don’t even know they can do both right here without having to travel out of the country.

The fear of the unknown coupled with the knowledge of the risks involved hinders a lot of Nigerians who know about Zip-lining from actually engaging in it. The beauty of high thrill adventures is that it opens you up to yourself . It’s all about facing your fears and getting out of your comfort zone. They build your self-esteem and confidence and make you fell you can take on anything. That’s why we encourage adventure activities during tours or vacations.

If you are considering a zip-lining experience for the first time, here are a few things you need to know to be properly prepared for it:

  1. Go With a Legit Company

At the moment, there are two major cities in Nigeria where you can get a zip lining experience – Lagos (Lekki Leisure Lake) and Abuja (Zuma Rock Golf Resort). if you hear of or come across any other company that promises a zip lining experience, make sure you properly research them. Check out their website (if they have one), go through their customer reviews, find out if they have a state permit for the activity and call to ask questions. A negative review is a good thing because it keeps your expectations realistic. When you call to make enquiries, ask what their safety rules and accident procedures are, how often their staff/guides/instructors get trained, what their safety records are and if their course gets inspected regularly. Once you are satisfied with the information received, book your session with them.

  1. Dress Accordingly

Zip lining requires you to be covering quite a distance at great speeds above the ground by some feet. This automatically means no wearing of skirts and dresses for ladies. No wearing of loose/dangling jewellery either. If you are wearing a Brazilian weave-on or 64-inch wig, pack it into a tight bun. Keep all loose hair knotted and avoid loose clothing to avoid entanglement of any kind. Wear fitted outfits like a Boot-cut/skinny Jean and body-hugging t-shirt. As for shoes, sneakers or any athletic/workout canvass would do just fine.

  1. Safety ‘Rules’

Trust your instructors, listen to the instructions they give, on how to strap on your body harness and avoid problems in the air, and adhere to them. If you forget a detail, don’t be afraid to ask for it to be repeated. Don’t let the urge to capture the moment with a selfie or recording make you do something stupid. Let go of your camera, you need both hands to get through this. You can ask a fellow participant who isn’t taking their turn, an instructor or a friend on the ground to do all that for you. Or you can wait till you get to the tree platform/lookout post to do so. Mind your step on the platform so you don’t trip and zip through blindsided; that will definitely take the fun out of the experience. As long as you stick to the rules, you should be just fine.

  1. Know your limits

Zip-lining is not a racing experience, so don’t be in a hurry to zip through. Take your time, squeal if you want to, take in nature from your aerial position. Enjoy the experience. A little fear before you start is normal but if heights terrify you or you have health problems like anxiety, a heart condition, or even being pregnant, you might need to re-think zip-lining as the activity for you. If the activity will compromise your physical or mental health, then it’s best not to try it all.

Zip-lining is meant to be a fun activity where you take flight, breathe in the fresh air and let the adrenaline rush take over. If you are willing to experience this, then go right ahead.


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