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Get The New E-Yellow Cards

In April 2013, the Federal Ministry of Health, announced the introduction of new standard Yellow Cards, as a more effective means to curb the quick spread of yellow fever in the nation.

The yellow card is the international certificate of vaccination, required as part of the entry documents into many countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, and a host of others.

The new cards were designed to be very difficult to doctor due to their ‘six unique security features’.

However, after series of reports concerning the distribution of fake yellow cards — most of which involved health and immigration officials – the federal government, introduced an even better version of the yellow card in August 2018.

The Electronic Yellow Card, which should be impossible to fake, is machine-readable, and can store the vaccination history of the holder.

All travelers have been mandated by the federal government to procure the new eYellow cards, as all old cards will be deemed inadmissible by April 1, 2019.

It takes a maximum of about an hour for each card to be ready after vaccination, and international travelers are expected to have been vaccinated at least 10 days before traveling.

How to get your eYellow Card

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Register’
  3. Fill in your personal information
  4. Click on the ‘PAY NOW’ button to generate your Remita Retrieval Receipt (RRR) code. Pay the sum of ₦2,000 online or go to the bank.
  5. Take the payment receipt along with your International Passport to any Port Health Services Office to get vaccinated and obtain the new eYellow Card.


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