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How You Can Incorporate Tourism Into Your 2019

It’s a new year and for those who didn’t plan in December 2018, January is as good as any time to plan for 2019. Just like any goal, travelling for tours requires proper planning.

Someone said the best time to plan for your next tour is while you are on your present tour. But since we’ve gotten back to work, the best next time to plan is today. Some tour agencies have rolled out their calendar  for the year, so you can take advantage of that to plan your travel goals for 2018.

If you are among those who haven’t decided yet when to fix your annual leave or how to choose the best time to go on tours this year, relax because we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate tourism into your 2019:

  1. Plan around Public Holidays

Nigeria has numerous reasons for public holidays throughout the year. We have Christmas, Easter, Democracy day, Independence day, Workers Day, and lots of Muslim holidays. Some of these holidays fall around the weekend making it easy for you to plan an out-of-town tour to an uncharted destination within the country. Also, tour deals like discounted flights or hotel accommodation target these holidays to make it easier for people to step out of their daily routine. So chose any public holiday and research on possible tours to embark on within that period.

  1. Do it during a Family Celebration

If you are married, your wedding anniversary is a good time to go on a tour with your spouse. Not only will you create new memories, but the experience will also help the two of you bond and enjoy some alone time. If you are single, your birthday is a great time to go on a tour. It will make growing older seem more fun and worthwhile. If you are engaged, you can plan a destination wedding. It will allow you to tour the new place as part of your honeymoon. If a destination wedding is too expensive, you can plan a trip to a nice place like Kajuru Castle in Kaduna for your honeymoon and go on tours to Matsiriga Falls as newlyweds.

  1. Use your Annual Leave

Annual Leaves are counted as 5 working days a week. Which means a three-week annual leave might just be a month of free vacation time. Some companies give leave allowance and that might just be the money you can plan with. Some people travel out of the continent, others travel out of the country and few people travel to other states during their annual leave. If you happen to be in a town known for its tourist sites, visit these places and sign up for tourist activities like hiking up Holy Mountain, Scuba diving at Whispering Palms, mountaineering at Mount Patti, etc.

  1. Use your Weekends

If you work in a place where the likelihood of a day off is rare or comes without pay, then use the weekends. Focus on tour activities you can do during the weekends that won’t wear you out by Monday. You can go for a swim at a beach resort like Ilashe beach resort, canoeing along the Azumini Blue River or check out the Ogbunike caves. If there is no tourist site in your town, you can visit museums or any new place that just opened in your area.

Tourism isn’t for the rich. It is for those with a curious and adventurous mind. Don’t look back over 2019 at the end of the year to realise you did nothing uniquely fun. Make tourism part of your agenda for 2019.

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Ann Esievoadje

Ann Esievoadje is a freelance writer who is passionate about encouraging a reading culture and personal development. She has authored two books, The Quilt (fiction) and Being Mummy and Me (non-fiction). She manages Pulchra Publishing which offers a content creation/editing, transcription, different forms of writing (including Ghostwriting) service and her blog, Life Love and Anything Goes at You can reach her at

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