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Recipe for Moi Moi

Moi Moi is beans pudding. It’s a very popular Nigerian meal. Sometimes, I think it’s more popular than beans. I know a lot of people who don’t like beans but enjoy moi moi. I keep wondering how that works because moi moi is beans. The only difference is the style of cooking. But that one na their business sha.

The pudding can either be served as a full meal or as an accompaniment. As a full meal, it can be served with pap, custard, garri, tea or even soft drink. Moi moi can equally be an accompaniment to rice (be it jollof rice, fried rice or rice and stew). It can be cooked in uma leaves, foil, recycled tin, aluminium plates popularly called moi moi plates or in white nylon bags popularly known as santana.

Today’s moi moi will be garnished with egg. However, this meal can also be garnished with corn beef, mince meat, fish and even sardine.


3 cups of beans

Ground crayfish

5 hard boiled eggs

2 medium sized onions

5 pieces of shombo

Fresh pepper to taste

2 medium sized fresh tomatoes

Vegetable oil

Seasoning cubes


How to Cook

Remove dirt from the beans and soak in warm water for about ten minutes. Note that the water used for soaking should be enough to cover the beans. Boil the eggs. Wash the Moi Moi plates and oil them. When fifteen minutes is up, you can use your hand or a blender to peel the beans. Either way, the beans coat comes off easily.

After peeling, use fresh water and a sieve repeatedly to get rid of the entire beans coat. The next step is to transfer the beans to the blender. Peel the onions and wash it alongside the pepper, tomatoes, shombo. Put the ingredients in the blender. Add enough water to the blender and blend till you have a smooth batter. Pour the batter into a bowl.

Add water to a pot and leave it to boil on medium heat. Add ground crayfish, seasoning cubes and salt to taste and stir using a wooden spoon. Pour the hot water into the mixture and continue stirring. Heat the vegetable oil for about two minutes, pour it into the bowl and continue stirring until you get a lighter consistency. Remove the shells from the eggs and slice them into two or three parts. Pour the mixture into the greased containers, add the eggs to each container and cover it. Add the containers to the pot of boiling water; cover it and allow it to steam. Add little quantities of water intermittently to avoid burning. Cook for forty-five minutes to one hour. Turn off the heat and serve hot or cold.

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