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Top 5 Websites For Freelancers

If you are in need of assistance for your business projects or in search of jobs where you can render services by putting your skills to good use, look no further because there are a number of websites for this purpose. These Nigerian freelance websites are taking the place of foreign ones and maximising the efficiency of small businesses and individuals around the country. This list provides you with websites where you can find freelance assistance and jobs in Nigeria


Asuqu provides an online platform where professional freelancers in Nigeria can find employment opportunities that suit their qualifications. On, you get to find a variety of services ranging from Design to Writing and from Engineering & Construction to Art & Illustration and more. Interested freelancers can simply start selling by clicking on the “Sellers” icon, advertising their services, and, getting interested clients to pay for their work. Buyers, on the other hand, can browse through the list of services available on the platform, find what they are looking for, buy a service, track the progress of their work and pay their “Asuqu”. If you find Asuqu beneficial click here


Dele Bakare was inspired to create FindWorka in 2016 after his own experience of finding it difficult to get artisans for hire. Today, FindWorka is an online market place where service providers and customers connect under favourable conditions. The platform has played host to several popular startups including Budgit, Traclist,, Prepclass and many more. On FindWorka, there are over 1000 freelancers who specialize in various valuable skills including Web Development, Graphics Designing, and Content Development amongst other fields. If you are in search of freelancers or want to apply as one visit


As the name implies, Just from5k allows you the luxury of getting services done for as low as N5000. Justfrom5k is another platform that engages people who have a service they want to offer and people who are willing to buy those services. The platform was founded by Ehis Asibor, a tech enthusiast and also an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry. Click on this link if you want to start freelancing on the website or employ a service for an affordable amount of “5k”.


Founded by Nengolong Samuel (MD), Japhet Johnson and Seth Reuben. Oyerr provides jobs that suit different freelancers and customers alike. The platform allows freelancers post their services, set their preferred prices and advertise these services on social media platforms. Users also get a N200 reward for referrals and companies are given the license to outsource jobs on contract basis to freelancers. Oyerr is open to content developers, graphic illustrators, web developers, video editors, animators and lots more.


Freeciti was launchd by Oladotun Oni and Steve Khena on August 8, 2017. Replete with a variety of skilled freelancers offering services such as Writing, Web Development, and Digital Marketing, Freeciti lets small business owners (clients) advertise jobs which freelancers bid for and get to be chosen if they qualify for the job. Clients then rate freelancers if they are satisfied with the services rendered. If you are interested in hiring freelancers or you want to work as one, click on this link

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