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Websites We Love: African Mommy

If there is anything to observe about the 21st century women, it’s their willingness to tell stories – stories that resonate with women, irrespective of tribe, background or faith. They share these stories to empower the next woman and let her know she always has the backing of a tribe of strong women who have come together to break barriers and surge through the “glass ceiling”. What better way to empower an individual? African Mommy, a platform aimed at women, especially African mothers, is a forum where women collaborate, educate, share their truths, create beneficial groups, and even get medical support. The platform was founded by Shile Ismaila, a UK-based digital marketing expert with over 8 years experience who is also an enthusiastic African mum.


The African Woman’s Community

Shile created, in February 2017, with the initial aim of improving maternal mortality which she had found to be at a disturbingly high rate in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Through vigorous research, reading about some of the preventable reasons for maternal mortality and the added advantage of her husband being a Medical doctor, Shile founded the platform for women to support each other through medical assistance and health tips. The website presents women with insightful bits of information compassing a number of fields including; fashion, food, the African culture, personal development, pregnancy tips, and health tips. As an African woman living in the diaspora, Shile also established African Mommy as a forum where women of African descent can tell stories about their culture, heritage, and every other thing they have in common. The forum has grown in leaps and bounds ever since its emergence in 2017. It currently offers support to thousands of women around the globe and provides them with the right tools for success.


A Social Platform

One of the key objectives of “African Mommy” is to be a supportive community for African mothers and women on a global scale. This, to a large extent, has been achieved through social media, as the forum currently lives on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In fact, one of the major milestones it reached is growing from a 0 to 34000 following on Instagram in record short time. Another facet that distinguishes African Mommy as a social forum is that it enables the creation of groups where like-minded women can start or join in discussions. In this way, women can find commonalities among themselves, share ideas and connect on a deeper level.


With platforms like on the rise, we will hopefully see a significant change in the course of history, and a powerful movement igniting the spark for women’s leadership and engagement around the globe.


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