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Websites We Love: Naija Nomads

Tourism is one goldmine Nigeria is yet to fully tap into largely due to the lack of incentives that would encourage the industry to thrive. Nevertheless, in recent times,  a few individuals have taken it upon themselves to rejuvenate the industry and ensure that it flourishes against all odds. One of such individuals is Mofe Runsewe, the founder of Naija Nomads who has made it her mission to encourage Nigerians to appreciate the beauty of the world around them.


The Power Of Diversity

Mofe’s fascination with tourism began when she was studying for her Master’s degree in Media Law. By coming in contact with people from diverse racial backgrounds and ethnicities, she soon discovered that there was something unique about each one of them and the countries they came from. She also began to see the world through a different lens as opposed to the way the media had portrayed it to her earlier. As a result, she decided to explore these countries for herself and see them for what they really are.


Naija nomads

Mofe’s first tour ever was in Marrakech, Morroco where she had the opportunity to spend the night with an ethnic group of North African nomads called Beber Nomads. This was what inspired the name, Naija Nomads. Today, Naija Nomads, which originally began as an online personal journal of Mofe’s travels has evolved into a platform that curates the experiences of many travelers within and outside Nigeria.  As a travel company, it offers services such as flight bookings, visa, bus hire services, and travel itineraries. The website also serves as a great resource for tourists who want to read about the experiences of other tourists, learn about a location of interest, stay informed on immigration and other travel factors.  Since Naija Nomads was founded,  it has organized many tours within and outside Nigeria.


Mode Of Service

NaijaNomad trips have been made as all-encompassing as possible to suit all clients according to their tastes and what they are looking for in travel. On Naija Nomads, tours are never a one-size-fits-all as they fall under different categories including food, adventure, culture, and even volunteerism. In order to convey what travel ventures they may be interested in, clients can fill a form and Naija Nomads will then tailor a package specifically to suit them.


Although tourism in Nigeria may not be at its finest presently, platforms like Naija Nomads are making it possible for both Nigerians and foreigners to experience the beauty of the world around them.


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