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Social Media Marketing Tips: Best Practices For Sharing Facebook Content

Among all social media channels, Facebook has been known to be the one of the more effective platforms for sharing and engaging with family and friends. This is what makes it tricky when it comes to sharing content for business purposes.

 Here are some best practices you can incorporate in your content sharing on Facebook.


Blogging is one of the frameworks of digital marketing. It helps engage your audience by hinting to them what your brand can and will do for them if they stick around. Simply put, blogging communicates to them that your brand is one of value and doesn’t just exist to exploit them.  That is why blogging is one of the best strategies business owners can adopt to further achieve their marketing goals and generate more leads.

When it comes to Facebook posts, you can effectively introduce your blog into the mix. You can start by posting a link to your new blog posts, a custom landing page, or even just an interesting article. You can write a short description to relate the link to your customers’ interests, pain points or business goals.

Also, remember to include compelling preview thumbnails or upload your own images. Your posts should not be more than 40 to 50 characters long as studies have shown that most users are on mobile and they could easily lose interest when a post gets too long.

 Finally, always end your posts with a Call To Action. Do you want them to answer a question you asked or visit a specific website you? Whatever the case may be, require of them accordingly.

Facebook Videos

In 2015, Facebook posts per person increased by 75%. This means more people are engaging with video content more than ever before. In fact, video has been shown to do better than its “image” and “text” counterparts. This is why video should be one of the top items in your list of marketing efforts.

 Facebook continues to make video simpler than ever by making available easy-to-access video tools. One tool you can take advantage of is “Facebook Live” as it has been shown that Facebook live videos are watched three times longer than those which are not live.  You can do this by hosting live chats with your audience and encouraging them to participate while the video is airing.

 Another effective way to make videos more engaging is adding subtitles. This has been shown to keep users’ attention to a high level.

Timing Is Key

Also, aim to post at least twice a day. The average Facebook feed is replete with hundreds of stories from brands and friends.

Posting twice a day will increase your chances of getting discovered by your prospective audience. It also guarantees freshness, relevance, and consistency for your posts. You can also test for which times of the day result in the most engagement.

Facebook Insights    “post” tab indicates when your followers were online in the last week. This can go a long way in helping you determine what time of the day promises optimal results for posting.

Engage With Customers

Engagement with customers is no different when it comes to Facebook. Always endeavour to identify and respond to customers in a timely fashion when they reach out with a question or contribution. Ignoring your customers can cause a decline in social media traffic and affect you in the long run.

Target Your Audience

Identifying your target audience is very useful especially when you want to reach a demographic that is already highly interested in what your brand offers. Aim to discover information about your audience like their age, gender, education, income, and location.

“Facebook Insights” helps you discover this information and others like what works best for your audience, the number of people your posts reach, and the number of people who shared and commented on your posts and so on. This information will help you measure and improve your posts accordingly.

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