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8 Romantic Destinations in Nigeria

This year, Valentine’s Day was on a Thursday, forcing most people who couldn’t get the day off to push their plans till the weekend. But with the 2019 National Elections taking place this Saturday that leaves only Sunday for any romantic outing.

So here is a list of the places in Nigeria lovers can troop to celebrate their love:

1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Private Beach resorts like this, Casa Ilashe, Inagbe Resort, Suntan and Resorts, etc. are intimate and perfect for a couples getaway. You can have boat rides to their location, a bonfire if you are sleeping over and a dip in the safety of a swimming pool, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. You both could get Spa treatment and massages here and in a resort like Epe Resort and Spa. The perfect combination of nature and civilization, makes this place a great romantic spot.

2. Conservation Centres

There are many Conservation Centres all over the country. While some have canopy walkways high above the trees, others have a grass clearing stationed for picnic lovers. If you happen to find yourself at one that has both like Lekki Conservation Centre, you are in for a cosy, romantic experience. Nothing like the wind pushing you into the arms of the one you love while being feet away from the earth.

3. Olumo Rock

The thought of going to Abeokuta or any place with a rock to hike might not sound romantic. But what you do when you get to the top could be. With Olumo rock in particular, you can take an elevator to the top rather than climb the staircase or hike up the rocky terrain for a romantic time. Imagine crashing down on a well laid out cloth with snacks to eat while enjoying an overview of man’s interconnectivity with nature down below. On a good day, the view from the top is amazing but when you share it with the one you love, it can become truly special.

4. Abraka Beach

In Delta State, Abraka is best known for its beach fronts. You can spend a simple romantic time at McCarthy Beach, enjoying canoeing with your love, swimming in the river and eating under the prearranged beach canopies. Or you can go Abraka Turf and Country club which is more expensive but reeks of class to enjoy a horse ride together on lush vegetation with a serene ambiance. Other things you can do there include swimming in either the crystal blue swimming pool or the natural green waters of the mystical Ethiope River. Regardless of you if you use the other facilities here or go river diving, the atmosphere is enough to heighten your romantic feelings.

5. Lagos Waterways

Whether you are doing a boat cruise down the Lagoon or a speedboat ride by the beach, Lagos has enough waterways to turn any activity into a romantic gesture. When we say boat cruise, we mean a gentle boat ride for two hours minimum with 2-course meals and entertainment to keep it interesting. Like a comedy show, dance competition/games, music from a professional DJ, and lots more. So go down to Ikoyi, Victoria Island or Lekki axis and book a romantic time off Land.

6. La Manga Luxury Beach Villas

Primed at Ilashe Island, off the coast of the Atlantic ocean in Lagos, this high-end spot is a slice of paradise. With it’s pristine looking villas overlooking the ocean surrounded by coconut palm trees with its own swimming pool and a spot for a romantic meal by the pool area, the view is to die for. Even though it might be heavy on the pocket to spend a night here, the memory and pictures from an outing here would truly be memorable for life.

7. MicCom Golf Resort

Hidden away in Ogun state is a beautiful, quiet location for those looking to evade the world romantically. Its remarkable facilities wrapped up with breathtaking natural views makes this a memorable romantic location for couples.

8. Gurara Waterfalls

Having the sound of falling water hit rocks can be kinda calming if you sit still. But nothing beats a couple romantic shot near a waterfall like Owu Waterfall, Farin Ruwa waterfall and especially at Gurara, located in Niger State. You can swim in its cold waters, have a picnic in the nearby grassland or on the elevated rocks near the waterfall. And you can cuddle in the bus on your way back home from visiting a waterfall. What’s not to love?

Are there undiscovered romantic spots in your part of town? Tell us about it in the comments and let us know why you think they are ideal for a romantic getaway.

Featured image source: Voice of Nigeria

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