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An Everyday Valentine

On Monday morning, as a routine, I boarded a bus heading to Obalende. When we got to the 3rd Mainland Bridge I saw a large symbol — this was the second time I had seen a write up this symbolic; the first time was at the Landmark Centre where I went for the SMW Lagos 2019. The sign said, ‘LOVE LAGOS’.

One of my many surges of thoughts was: what does it mean to love Lagos? Surely, not with this kind of everyday traffic jam! I rebuffed immediately. Especially when I was already running late to work despite losing sleep to prepare as early as 5am.

Lovers’ Day

February 14 is celebrated in many parts of the world as Valentine’s Day. The Day, though not a public holiday in any country is described as a romantic holiday with the popular heart-shaped outline as one of its symbol we still use today. The day is a special day for romantic relationships, hence it is also interchangeably called Lovers’ Day.

The Day is special because partners get to give each other a special treat, something usually out of the ordinary to affirm/reaffirm their love to one another. This thoughtfulness influences the quality of love in a relationship. To achieve this, partners engage in both/either outdoor or indoor activities.

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More so, some people choose to celebrate Valentine’s day with other groups of people in society. The less privileged also deserve some love and you can make Valentine’s Day special is for them too.

Most importantly, the true essence of the spirit of Valentine is that love can be expressed every day. Val’s Day exists for you and your partner, not the other way. Therefore, to exalt the day more than your partner is danger looming. Your partner shouldn’t only feel special on February 14th.

To show a partner you love him/her specially and is always in your thoughts is the celebration of love. It does not have to be expensive or demanding; an I love you text message, buying fruits on your way from work, helping out with chores, a hug.

We can forget too soon that a lasting relationship is built consciously by the actions, not good intentions.

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