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Five Ways Connect Nigeria’s Business Fair Will Positively Impact Your Business

The primary priority of business owners is to make a profit from their businesses and any avenue that does not increase their earnings and improve their position is usually frowned at.

At the core of the Connect Nigeria Business Fair is an intentional design for the empowerment of businesses. Over the years, its reputation in achieving this goal is what has led to an increasing number of SMEs participation in the annual event, from 500 in 2011, to over 6000 in 2016 to become Africa’s biggest SME event.

Taking place at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos, on 26th & 27th April, here are five ways the 2019 Connect Nigeria Business Fair will significantly affect your business as an exhibitor.

1. Exposure of businesses to potential customers and investors

The business fair attracts thousands of potentials customers, business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs from different economic sectors within and outside Nigeria. Therefore, booking an exhibition booth provides business owners and businesses with much-craved exposure. Business owners are blessed with the massive chance to display to potential customers and investors, with an opportunity to sell their products to potential customers and build a new base of loyal customers, as well as make elevator pitches to potential investors and forge long-term partnerships.

2. Master Class training

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Henry Ford

At the heart of this carefully designed program, one that draws from years of experience, the Connect Nigeria Business Far 2019, is the desire to enlighten business owners on best practices in Nigeria also. While the Exhibition stands booms with business development activities, globally acclaimed business leaders from various industries will engage business executives. The discussion will range from how to start, grow, or automate your business by applying proven strategies and technology solutions.

Therefore, the Master Class is designed for sponsors and exhibitors as an opportunity for the sharpening of business-minds via these interactions with reputable business owners, movers and shakers of industries. The objective is to help you learn how to get your business to compete globally and favourably too by showing your practical tips for business growth and development. These business leaders, sharing from their wealth of experiences in business will reveal the technical expertise to run a globally successful business in Africa. These seasoned speakers are selected to help spur you with working tools to greater productivity in your business. Connect Nigeria wants to be part of your business’ success story.

3. “Club Connect” Lounge

Business owners who take the opportunity of exhibiting their business brands at the Fair get the chance to join the Club Connect Lounge. The Lounge affords business owners the various opportunities to meet new people and identify those leads that are specifically relevant to their business that is to build a business network. Business owners get to connect with other SME owners and bond.

In addition, the Club Connect Lounge affords business owners the opportunity to meet topnotch business leaders, who could be business mentors with will have a long-term effect of improving businesses. The Lounge is where through interactions, you will be impacted by the experiences of others in business too, whether SMEs or industry leaders. Business owners need loads of valuable contacts to generate countless sales leads and other benefits. We need each other and benefiting from a vast and spanned wealth of experience and knowledge is the cure for making bad decisions.

4. Advertising in the Connect Nigeria platform

The Connect Nigeria portal is an information hub for all things Nigerian, with a very wide reach of nearly 40,000 weekly views. Business owners, exhibiting their business brand at the Business Fair, will enjoy this advertisement package. This is a big boost for entrepreneurs, who get the opportunity to show the most remarkable version of their brands and make a significant impression that will boost the public reputation of their business brand. Promotion of sponsors and exhibitors happens before, during and after the event.

5. Evaluate Your Competitiveness

Competition is a fundamental aspect in business and every business wants to ensure it maintains a competitive edge or advantage over others. The Connect Nigeria Business Fair is an excellent platform for business owners to evaluate their competitiveness by taking a closer look at their competitors. It affords business owners the platform to see how their business is perceived especially from a global context. No business that will thrive can successfully ignore competition and the Business Fair provides business with the great opportunity to see their competitors in action. That way an open-minded business owner can plan, strategize and take their businesses to the next promising level.

Essentially, the Connect Nigeria Business Fair is created to add value to your business and to you!


If you’re interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the fair, register here.

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