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Nigeria Decides 2019: Fela Durotoye of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)

On Saturday 14th February 2019, the most populous black nation on earth, Nigeria heads to the poll to decide who is to be at the helms of affairs, as President for the next four years. On Thursday, 17  January 2019, INEC published a list of bearing 146 names of Presidential and Vice Presidential aspirants, and Nigerians will have 73 political parties to choose from.

As Africa’s largest economy heads to the poll, join in this discourse as we place few of the presidential candidates under the microscope on the series Nigeria Decides 2019. They include Fela Durotoye of the Alliance for New Nigeria (AAN), Kingsley Moghalu of the Young Progressive Party (YPP), and Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). To begin, we will explore Fela Durotoye of the ANN.

Fela Durotoye

Of these above, Mr Durotoye is the youngest. He is 47 years old. Like him, his political party, Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), which was registered on 10 January 2018, is also the youngest party in the bunch. Also, with a female running mate, Khadijah Abdullahi Iya.

The Leadership expert, Business Consultant and now presidential candidate goes campaigning across Nigeria with his idea of “Opportunities for All” as he preaches his message of a New Nigeria.

“Those who we have let govern us are people we would never hire ourselves.”


This statement by Mr Durotoye at the Presidential Debate 2019 resonates with many Nigerians, who share different expectations for Nigeria. It sums Mr Durotoye’s attitude to the established political order. This is captured in the ANN manifesto tagged “The Big Agenda (Your Agenda).”

Introducing this 63 pages document, which is a free-for-all downloadable, the ANN advancing for partisan participation, calls for a radical shift:

While The Big Agenda would continue to evolve, led by new, credible and strong evidence from Nigeria, it is now no longer time to stand by and watch as the ‘usual politicians’ continue to drag back our country. We call on ordinary Nigerians to get actively involved, organising in your communities to rescue our country from the control of the ‘politicians as usual’, to realise The  Agenda for a better Nigeria, and not Their Agenda.

ANN declares: A New Nigeria Beckons! Where all Nigerians are “United and Inspired” and “The Masses, Youths and Women are in every Policy.” Together, we will build the “Nigerian Economy for all Nigerians.”

Promising to create a special business intervention fund to create 5 million jobs within 1 year, to create 3 million jobs in the massive building of roads, rail lines, ports and other social infrastructures, to build the 774 local governments into industrial hubs, that free education is sustainable, to remove bottlenecks, reduce wastage in governance, restructure the economy, civil service and reorient the people, Durotoye, as a foot soldier, is seen going from house to house campaigning.

Without occupying public office, the Management consultant with 27 years experience recounts some of his social services: in 2010, raised volunteers, trained ad fed 51,150 students and over 5000 teachers over two weeks which took Oyo state from 28th position to the 3rd position in Maths and English; raised over 800 volunteer teachers and trained 4122 public secondary school students across Lagos state, donating Math sets and 4 Figure tables; led the Mushin Makeover of over 2000 volunteers to paint 296 houses in 7 streets for free; with a work experience of managing the corporate transformation of SMEs, most banks, multinationals and State Government. For example, within 1 year, moved a bank from a N1bn loss to N1bn profit.

The candidacy of Fela Durotoye has generated mixed responses from Nigerians, some approving, some sceptical and some other nonchalant. Questions of experience in public service have emerged. A visible challenge of the ANN is reaching more Nigerians in the grassroots with their message. However, Mr Durotoye is one of Nigeria’s shot at youthful and purposeful leadership, and hopefully building a “New Nigeria.”

To vote the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN). To vote Fela Durotoye. The ANN logo is a Lion and is number 14 on the ballot box.

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #NigeriaDecides2019

Featured image source: Pulse

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