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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 5 Female Celebs Who Are In Their 40s But Don’t Seem To Age

We may never be able to tell why some celebrities defy time with their inability to age. Perhaps, it is because they won the “gene lottery” or they may just be conscious of their overall wellbeing. Whatever the case may be, these celebrities are almost able to convince us that the fountain of youth does exist. We’ve compiled a list of a few female celebs that fit into this category and have barely changed in the past decade or two.

Find it below:

Omotola Jalede-Ekeinde

Right from the late 1990s when she made her debut in the movie “Venom of Justice”, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has always appealed to many, not just for her amazing talent but also for her ravishing beauty. The mother of 4 still lives up to her title “Omosexy” as she looks absolutely stunning for a woman in her 40s. Anyone seeing the beautiful Omotola Jalede-Ekeinde would hardly guess that she clocked 40 in 2018. Yet this beautiful quadragenarian is considered to be one of the hottest women in showbiz.


Rita Dominic

The beautiful Rita Dominic is greatly admired for her bold fashion statements and how terrific she is at “keeping it classy” on the red carpet. The 43-year-old “The Meeting” star sure knows how to court attention with her impeccable style and she is endowed with just the right amount of beauty to complement it. For many years now, Rita has been giving credence to the old phrase, “black don’t crack” and she may not be stopping any time soon as she seems to be constantly aging backward. Check her Instagram account to see how she dazzles in style and beauty.


Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli could be easily mistaken for a 30-something-year-old due to her slim physique yet this mother of three is actually 40 going on 41. Perhaps this is purely due to good genes or an active lifestyle Omoni looks effortlessly stunning for her age nevertheless. Like Omotola Jalade, Omoni turned 40 in 2018 and also launched her first book “The Stars Are Ageless” which centres on her life from childhood up until stardom. The crux of it all is that she is blessed with three teenage boys could literally pose as her younger brothers. Click here to see the ageless Omoni and her beautiful family.


Funke Akindele

Most folks who are familiar with the popular Soap Opera of the late 90’s “I Need To Know” would easily recognize Funke Akindele for her spectacular role in the play. This is plausible because she has hardly aged and could still fit into this role if the show had a reboot. Even though the 41-year-old movie star recently gave birth to a set of twins, she recuperated in no time and has been back to her bubbly elegant self.


Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw is perhaps the youngest looking on this list simply defines “forever young”. She still looks as stunning as she did when she broke out in her first movie “Stronger Than Pain”. At 47 years old, the talented actress could make anyone believe she is twice younger than her age because of her youthful physique. Kate is known to be a fitness junkie and this could be the reason why she has maintained her youthful look. Click on her Instagram account below to see how she stays in shape:


Featured image source: Daily Post Nigeria

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