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Social Media Marketing Tips: What Small Business Owners Should Know

As a business owner looking to build a successful business, it is important that you inculcate strategies that would help you manage your time and resources more effectively. Social Media has made it easier than ever to connect with your customers, create brand awareness, and generate leads but you may find it difficult to achieve all this if you’re not harnessing your time and resources more effectively.

Here are some strategies you can adopt as a business owner to maximise your presence on social media

Make Social Media Your Number One Priority

To succeed on Social Media, you have to commit to it and make it your top priority among all the tools you have at your disposal for business. Make a list of all your business goals and think of all the possible ways in which Social Media can enable you to achieve these goals. Do you want to publicise your brand? Drive sales? Or create more engagement? Whatever it is, you need to develop a plan and utilise Social Media accordingly.

Aim To Be An Authority

In 2019, the business landscape is evolving rapidly. In order to keep up and stand out in the marketplace, you need to connect actively with others on social media platforms. A platform like LinkedIn will place you at a vantage point with other business owners around the world enabling you to find, connect and nurture relationships with your target market. Sell yourself on LinkedIn and if you lack any skills critical for your brand’s success, acquire them. You should aim for your brand to be the first thing that pops up when people are searching for good content.

Connect With Your Audience On A Deeper Level

Irrespective of the number of followers you have on social media, you should endeavour to make meaningful connections with your audience. Sometimes the only influencer you need is yourself. Engage with your audience by proffering solutions to their problems, commenting under their comments, and liking their posts. Social media is inherently “social” and in order for you to be successful, you should be reaching out to your audience in a social way.

Embrace Visual Content

Visual content rules. In fact, it has been found time and again that brands that use pictures and videos do better than those that don’t. In order to get more attention to your brand and stand out in the noisy social media space, you should embrace visual content. When you embrace good visuals with quality content, you set yourself up for success.

Be authentic

One of the most fundamental ways to stand out on Social media is sharing quality, resonating but authentic content. When sharing content, you should see your brand as a “reality TV show” where there is virtually nothing to hide and the audience sees things for what they are. This means that rather than copying others, you apply the principles you’ve learned from them in building your own authentic brand. Remember,  people can always tell the fakes from the real so aim to keep it real.

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