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Why Do We Get Sick?

Oxygen, food and drinks are the major three nutritional necessities for life sustenance. Therefore the type of food a man consume, and access to quality oxygen supply, plays a significant role in defining his overall body health and eventually longevity. That means what we eat defines how we live and how we die.

 “Growing is like building and renovating a house with blocks, the quality of the building work depends on the quality of the building blocks.”

Eating the right kind of food is very important just as eating the food at the right time, experts have revealed. Understanding in detail the idea of timely consumption of a balance diet and regular exercising go a very long way in defining how healthy we will be eventually. With a proper diet and workout routine one can prevent a lot of diseases and simultaneously shed unnecessary weight, that means, when one eat the right food at the right time, the body will always be free from all sorts of illness related to overweight and malnutrition. It is advised that in other to ensure a proper flow of nutrients across the body, one should engage in regular exercising.

In this episode, we shall be taking a look at the facts surrounding these three basic nutritional needs of life through the posts.

In many cultures around the world today, the high demand for food due to the pressure from the daily running of life activities has led to an increase in the denaturing of food  and drinks that is consumed mostly in various homes through the admittance of various (food damaging) food processing and preservation techniques. This is the use of mineral fertilizers and various other chemicals to boost plant yield likewise the addition of preservatives and additives to either increase the shelf life of food or improve physical qualities of the food in order to give competitive edge. These chemicals now accounts for several diseases plaguing our environment today as they find their way into the body.

“For the best results in nutrition, food is better consumed fresh and as raw as possible. This is when it contains the required nutrients in their most potent state.”

It is very good and equally important to know what to eat and what not to eat, when to eat and when not to eat as it is believed that we get sick by doing either of these two things:

  • 1.  By giving our body what it does not want or
  • 2.  By not giving our body what it wants.

  Whenever there is a strange entity in the system or a lack of nutrient, the body alerts the brain to send out a distress signal; this is when we said to be sick. The body either tries to eliminate the stranger or demand for an important requirement. It is quite important to create a dietary regimen which does not only focus on preventing sickness but also watch our weight. Excess weight causes a myriad of diseases. Now is the time for us to review what we eat, drink and how we exercise.

We encourage people to consider a diet and lifestyle change as part of their health plan. This should enhance the speedy recovery when one is sick and prevent a lot of diseases if one is fit. You need to always eat a balanced food, food that is rich in Natural nutrients as against chemically processed foods that are laden in chemical substances that are dangerous to our health. In addition, some food items should be reduced or removed from our diet depending on our age and other health factors in other to maintain a very happy and healthy life. These include but not limited to:

  • 1. Cow Milk
  • 2. Refined Sugar
  • 3. Refined White Flour
  • 4. Common Salt
  • 5. Animal Fat

The human body is designed in such a way that it can regenerate itself within a very short time. All body cells are replaced by a new one when they die without us noticing. Apparently, in a space of one calendar year, most of all our body cells should have been replaced by a new one, which is not automatically going to be stronger or healthier than the previous one. The health depends on the quality of the new cells being generated which solely depends on the quality of the raw materials used as building blocks in developing the newly generated cells. The raw materials used in building these new cells are the food and drinks we consume every day and this in turn affects the quality of our new cells. Therefore, it will then be correct to say that the quality of the cell is the quality of the immune system, vital organs, blood and in a nutshell the entire body health. If a balanced dietary plan is engaged and regular exercises is engaged, the quality of the new cells will be better than the one they are replacing. This means that in order for a man to continuously remain healthy, one need to consistently ingest into the system the right kind of food and drinks which carries the exact nutrients in the right quantity and the right form which are useable in the cellular building blocks. Items such as raw nuts, raw vegetables juice, fresh fruits, tubers, sprouts, a little bit of properly cooked food, purified water, fresh air, raw vegetable salads, regular exercise etc. will really go a long way in providing the required natural nutrients that the body needs to perform its regular activities of cell creation. When you build a healthy cell, you build a healthy body.   

People with medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetics, arthritics etc, can benefit a lot from consuming natural food only as a balanced diet and can go as far as reversing these conditions by rejuvenating their diseased organs, tissues or glands. Raw, Living Natural foods unlike the denatured foods, consumed as close to their natural states, are loaded in abundance with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein, oxygen, bio-electrical charge and alkalinity etc., all which are highly essential to the health of the newly generated cell needed to rebuild our bodies and our health in general. 

Why do we get sick? (Part 2)

 The human body needs more than 50 factors to function optimally. Various studies and research have demonstrated that there are more than 50 essential factors that help us stay healthy. The first 5 are:

  • Oxygen (air under correct pressure range and humidity= earth’s atmosphere);
  • Temperature range (common temperature ranges on the planet earth);
  • Sunlight9 sunlight filtered through earth’s atmosphere)
  • Gravity (earth’s Gravitational field);
  • Sleep.

Even though many of us do not realize it, these 5 factors exert a powerful influence on our health. In fact, without them, we cannot live for long on the earth. E.g. we can only survive for 4 minutes without oxygen. Fortunately, we don’t have to pay for these factors. All of them are given to us by God through nature. Nature has its own set of rules set for us humans before we can benefit from it. We lose the benefits of nature only when we violate the natural laws of nature through our human activities. E.g. some people have to ingest into them drugs to make them sleep, while some people need oxygen support due to major system breakdown.

The other 47 essential factors will have to be ingested into the body regularly through foods and drinks because we cannot produce them inside our body. These include:

  1. Water ( clean water)
  2. A source of energy  ( carbohydrates, protein, fats and oil. Carbohydrates is the cleanest source of energy)
  3. 21 minerals
  4. 13 vitamins
  5. 8 essential amino acids (10 in children, 11 in premature infants)
  6. 2 essential fatty acids.

Only a balanced and nutritionally dense diet will be able to supply the body with these nutrients to ensure optimum performance. Apart from the over 50 nutritional factors listed above, there are other accessory nutrients that are equally necessary for good health. They are excluded from the essential 50 list because our bodies can produce them regardless of whether we ingest them or not. There are some that cannot be manufactured by the body and cannot be digested when ingested by the body when ingested; but they are still needed to maintain good health (e.g. fiber and roughages). These co-factors include:

  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Vitamin D
  • Pangamic Acid
  • Inositol
  • Fibre
  • Bile
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Friendly Bacteria (Probiotics)
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Antioxidants
  • Phyto-chemicals
  • Etc.

Sometimes, we may still need to supplement those nutrients that our body can manufacture due to one reason or the other. For example, those living in temperate regions of the world may need to supplement with Vitamin D3 due to the fact that they do not get enough sunshine exposure during the winter months in particular.

How do all these relate to getting sick?

Our human body is very intelligent. If we do not supply any particular nutritional factor that it needs, the body may seek to utilize the next useable option, a second best alternative nutrient or continue to cry for that particular nutrient until it is supplied.  Where we still refuse to discern the body’s nutritional needs and fail to supply what the body needs, our body will begin to signal warning signs in form of disease symptoms, symptoms like headache, fever, listlessness, dizziness, fatigue, aches and pains, etc. rather than pay attention to this symptoms, many of us ignore these signal and we go ahead to employ modern medications to silence the voice of the body. As the denial goes on, this is the major reason that makes our body breakdown eventually with degenerative and life threatening diseases.     

However, the right combination of natural food which has the right quantity of the required nutrients can treat, correct and reverse health conditions. This is why se say let your food be your drug and not your drug your food.

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