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App Of The Week: Zenith Bank Mobile App

The Zenith bank mobile app allows customers enjoy unlimited and flexible banking at the comfort of their own homes. It lets them carry out various transactions such as money transfers, checking account balance, paying bills and many more at any time of the day from any location.

Meet The App

The Zenith bank mobile app gives you the option of registering as an internet bank-user or non-internet bank user. Registering as an internet bank-user requires a hardware token, internet banking PIN, and an OTP form the user. Registering as a non-internet user, on the other hand, requires the user’s mobile number set up for alertz on his registered account to receive an SMS soft token.

Here are the ways to register as an internet bank-user and non-internet bank user respectively:

Internet Bank-User

– Register as an Internet bank-user.

– Enter your account number and send a request.

– Create a 6-digit long numeric password which will be used anytime you log into the app.

– Next, create a 4-digit long numeric mobile PIN which will be used as an alternative means for carrying out transactions.

– You will then receive a prompt to enter your PIN and TOKEN for authentication.

– Once you have gone through the process below, your account will be ready for use. You can now enter your account number and password to start using the service.

Non-Internet Bank User

– Create a 6-digit long numeric password that will be used by you anytime you want to log into the app.

– Next, create a 4-digit long mobile PIN which is the only means for a non-internet bank-user to carry out transactions.

– You will receive an OTP as SMS which you will be required to enter.

– After successful registration, you will be ushered into the login page where you will be required to enter your account number and your password created during registration.

What You Can Do With The Zenith Bank Mobile App

– Check your account balance.

– Make money transfers.

– Pay bills

– Manage your account

– Schedule transfers

– Purchase airtime

– Flight and hotel bookings

– Locate the any Zenith Bank branch near you

Getting The App

The Zenith Bank Mobile app is available to download on Google play store and iTunes. Click here to download:



Featured image source: LOGOSURFER

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