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Bizfair: Three Ways Social Media Can Give You An Edge

As you prepare for the 2019 edition of the Connect Nigeria business fair, remember that social media is an invaluable tool that can guarantee your success. Here are three ways Social Media can give you an edge at the fair:

Social Media Is Mostly Free And Can Be Cheap

Social media is a reliable yet cost-effective platform to prepare for a business fair such as this. For the most part, it is free to use it to promote your business. Creating social media profiles and posting organic content is inherently free. For a business fair, that may just be enough and depending on how much quality your content possesses, you may just be getting the required promotion your brand needs. However, it wouldn’t also be a bad idea to go a step further by paying for a promotion that will help increase the exposure of your brand.

Facebook gives businesses the avenue to promote their content for any budget. With Facebook, you can also target your ads more effectively to users that would be interested in what you’re advertising. Another great platform for this is Twitter. The chances that you would want to be spending a lot for the exhibition are very slim so take advantage of the free and cheap resources social media offers you.

Social Media Is A Good Platform To Get Feedback

You would definitely want to make the best impression on your audience before, during and after the event. Who says you can’t get help from your audience to do this? By leveraging social media, you can effectively make great improvements in your plans and strategies for the exhibition by asking the opinions of your audience. Using the “poll” feature on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat can easily give you insights on what products and services your audience is more likely to tilt towards. Another great tool is live video. Just by going live on Instagram and Facebook, you can easily communicate with your audience, ask them what they will be most likely interested in and know exactly what aspects you should make improvements on.

Build Stronger Relationships

One of the reasons why anyone would want to partake in a fair would be to build stronger connections both with customers and prospective clients. Social media does not just give you the opportunity to connect easily but also makes available, various avenues to do this conveniently. Using the social media channels lets you interact with your audience and gives you a platform to make meaningful conversations that will contribute to the growth of your brand more effectively. LinkedIn, for example, is a great channel to connect with others in your industry more effectively.

Social media has also made it possible to influence your audience and trigger the right emotions in them. Through elements like ads, campaigns, storytelling and so on, you can easily pass across the right message to your audience, before the day of the event, during the event and even after.

Featured image source: Connect Nigeria

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