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Brands We Love: InfoWARE Limited

InfoWARE is a technology-driven solutions company which currently serves a wide range of client businesses in Nigeria. Its products include stock trading and management software, HR and Payroll systems, accounting solutions, multi-channel messaging applications, and several others.

That’s not a very popular blend of products to offer in Nigeria. While you’ll find a number of specialized payroll software providers or accounting systems vendors jostling for a greater share of the local market, not many companies sell all these packages at once.

That’s probably one reason why InfoWARE stands out. Since its founding in 1997, it’s installed a number of tech-enabled suites for large corporations and smaller businesses alike, and helped them become more competitive in an age that’s increasingly defined by advancements in digital technology.

A good deal of InfoWARE’s operations is targeted at enhancing the practice and experience of stock trading, as well as the benefits that third parties may gain from it. For example, its stock market business suite avails its users (usually stockbrokers) of tools for tracking and managing equities, re-valuing stocks, monitoring and analyzing stock trends, and automating dividend management, among other processes.

Some of the trading done by these stockbrokers on the financial markets are tied to wealth and asset management firms, which are charged with maintaining and growing their client’s assets. Such companies use InfoWARE’s wealth management solution to keep tabs on their investments and manage them as circumstances demand.

There’s an e-business suite on offer as well, which corporations engaged in online transactions could deploy to improve the ease with which such processes are carried out. It comes with provisions for online customers’ statements and account balances, online customer feedback, portfolio tracking, print preview, and a feature that lets them view their balances in various currencies.

Besides the market trading concerns taken care of by its products, InfoWARE also caters to needs like payroll and HR issues. The software designed to deal with these aspects of organizations’ operations can do such things as calculate and make Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax and other deductions on staff salaries, and hold information about employees of the user company.

Small businesses benefit from InfoWARE’s solutions in other ways. Thanks to its Enterprise Resource Planning systems, they can track their performance in real time: expenses, sales, receipts, cash flow and other important indices can be monitored on the go.

It is one thing to have all the data on your business’s performance; but it’s quite another to know what they mean, and how you should react to them. That’s why InfoWARE has a business analytics and reporting tool for enterprises looking to make the most of their data. With this tool, they can collect data from several sources, and derive actionable insights from them.

Another one of this brand’s products is its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This allows companies maintain interactive connections with their customers over multiple channels, including via phone calls, emails, SMS, and in person meetings. Some of these connections may be automated (SMS and email for example), so that customer queries can be responded to even when customer service representatives aren’t available to attend to them.

InfoWARE’s bulk SMS service enables companies, schools, and social clubs send text messages to numerous people at one, from a single mobile phone or computer.

There’s more information about the work InfoWARE does on their website.

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