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Connect Nigeria Business Fair: What Is Your Customer Looking For?

The Connect Nigeria Business Fair is a grand opportunity for business owners, giving you the chance to showcase your products and services to thousands of customers and investors in one of the most suitable environments in Lagos, TBS (Tafawa Balewa Square). At a prestigious fair such as this, you will be competing against various other enterprises to stand out to customers and finally get the exposure your brand needs to thrive.

Any business looking to excel at the fair should meet certain standards that will make them appeal to ideal customers. Here are some kinds of businesses customers tend to gravitate towards.

A Business That Stands For Something

In a world abounding with so many businesses, the key thing that separates successful entrepreneurs from mediocre ones is that they stand for something. This is why they captivate ideal customers who share the same values as them and end up becoming attached to their brands. As a business owner with the intention of standing out from the crowd, you should not be aiming to sell to everyone. What is the message of your brand? What problems have you set out to solve with your products and services? Who would benefit from this? You need to figure out all these in order to become the brand that customers want to buy from and clients want to work with.

A Business That Connects With Customers On An Emotional Level

The biggest brands in the world thrive because they have succeeded in inspiring their audience enough to take action. Through their well thought-out ads and exhibitions, they are able to trigger the right emotions in their audience and make them respond accordingly. For instance, through the #ManInTheBox campaign of 2018, MTN was able to show its commitment to providing all businesses with connectivity, communication, collaboration, or cloud solutions. The #ManInTheBox campaign is an experience many will not forget in a hurry not just because of the intriguing concept behind the campaign but also for the message it succeeded in passing across to its audience.

In order to gain customers and also retain them, you need to let them know that you value them and you understand their problems. Find that emotional trigger in your audience that will make them value your brand and leave with memorable experiences.

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A Business With Presence On Social Media

In this time and age, most prospective customers are on the lookout for businesses that are active on social media. This means that attendees will likely take you more seriously if you are actively promoting the business fair on social media. Connect Nigeria has made this easy for you by creating a hashtag: #CNBizFair. Use this hashtag to authentically engage interested attendees. For instance, you could use “Poll” in Instagram stories to quiz attendees about which products they are more interested in testing in person. On the day of the fair, you can also post photos of your booth, team, and products to attract the attention of attendees to your section.

A Business That Harnesses The Power Of “Word Of Mouth”

People tend to trust businesses that others are able to recommend to them and give good reports about. Before the day of the event, reach out to your current clients and encourage them to help promote your business on their social media platforms or at the fair. Reconnecting with those who already buy from you will not only solidify the relationship you have with them, it will also help create the required buzz your business needs to excel at the fair.

If you’re interested in exhibiting at Africa’s largest business fair, register here or email:

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