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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 4 Male Celebs Who Are In Their 40s But Don’t Seem To Age

The celebrities on the list below are past the age of 40 but still look incredibly youthful. These men have not only accomplished a lot in their respective careers but have also defied time and space with their inability to age. They are good looking, trendy and are still very apt at keeping us entertained.

Find the list of these celebrities below:

Richard Mofe Damijo

richard mofe-damijo

Richard Mofe Damijo is unarguably one of the most talked-about Nigerian male celebrities because of his vibrant personality and boyish charm which he manages to pull off at the age of 57. Since his debut in the 80’s TV show, Ripples, the actor hardly seems to have aged and has only recently begun playing  “fatherly” roles in movies. RMD has been referred to, by some, as Nigeria’s version of Hollywood’s George Clooney because he rocks a grey beard similar in style to the actor’s. Ironically, both actors were born in the same year and both seem to have drunk from the fountain of youth. RMD has enjoyed longevity in his career that most can only dream of and is still one of Nollywood’s most sought after actors. With some of the most highest-grossing films in his portfolio, RMD does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon and may still be giving us cool “dad” vibes for more years to come.

Ramsey Nuoah

It has been two decades and counting since Nollywood’s one and only “loverboy”, Ramsey Nouah made his major screen movie debut in the classic “Silent Night” and yet the 48-year-old could stand for someone in his early 30s. Even if you thought Ramsey was retiring anytime soon, his role in the movie “Merry Men” has certainly proved otherwise and shows he is still a pro when it comes to acting. Despite pushing 50, Ramsey is still easily recognizable as the boy whose acting gave birth to some of Nollywood’s best love scenes.

Tuface Idibia


Tuface Idibia looks nowhere over 40 perhaps owing to his slim physique or just good genes at play. With his striking inability to age, the singer could make a reboot of “African Queen” and it would be 2004 all over again. Interestingly, Tuface is a family man and a father of six who is still very active in the music game. Seeing all these responsibilities, one can deduce that “father time” has been very kind to the singer.

AY Makun

Since AY Makun first hit the TV screens with his kickass humour, the comedian has hardly changed from what we’ve always known him to be. At the age of 47, he is arguably Nigeria’s biggest standup comedian and notably legendary for being one of the talents to pioneer what we now know as comedy in Nigeria. AY produces Nigeria’s highest-grossing movies, plays the best movie roles, and still ages gracefully. What else could anyone ask for?

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