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#CNBizFair: 5 Tips To Make Your Display Stand Out At The Business Fair

Connect Nigeria’s business fair is barely a fortnight away. How prepared are you? You can get every other detail right but if you do not have a rich display setting, you will easily fall short in your efforts to stand out at the fair. Here are some tips on how you set up your display and present your products and services the right way.

Show Off Your Achievements

There is no better place to sell yourself than a business fair where you are in close proximity with prospective customers. Have a portfolio of your work ready as part of the items you will be displaying at the event. You can print out some of your best projects and set them in a position where passersby will be able to see and look through them.

Food Is Always A Great Delight

Offering light refreshments and other goodies at the business fair is a good way to stand out and attract customers to your stand. You can also take advantage of this opportunity by displaying your company contact details on the food you are sharing. In this way, you will be killing two birds with one stone: making your customers happy and creating more awareness about your brand.

Come Along With Freebies

This is another great way to win customers over to your stand and effectively market your brand. All you have to do is come along with heartwarming freebies that anyone would have good use for such as pens, water bottles, bags and much more. Remember the golden rule: attach your company name or logo on the items you will be giving out to promote brand awareness.

Get Some Help

The business fair may probably hold for a considerable length of time. You may want to take breaks and at such periods it is only important that you have an assistant by your side. If it is not possible for you to get someone that can man your booth for you in your absence then ensure to put up a note that tells people how long you will be gone and when you will be back.

Be The Ideal Host

Most importantly, be warm, polite and hearty on the day of the event. Welcome guests who show up at your booth or look towards your display and be ready to strike up conversations when necessary. Also, ensure to have an introductory speech ready. These gestures will ensure that you make good and lasting impressions on your guests.

Let Your Display Table Be Unique

Get yourself a display table that easily complements your display products and represents your brand (image, design, colour scheme, etc). If possible, bring a table cloth along to add texture to your table. Also, remember to arrange your display table properly.

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