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Everyday Heroes- Vivian Sonny-Nsirim

Vivian Sonny- Nsirim is multifaceted and multidimensional. Beyond being a wife, mother and a chartered administrator, she is also an entrepreneur and transformation coach. But what makes her to rank as a hero is her passion and drive for women and their overall wellbeing. Her advocacy for women has led to her founding the Young Moms Support Foundation\ Young Moms Forum, a social networking platform for mothers and soon to be mothers from all works of life.

The Young Moms Support Foundation: Passion for the Woman Folk

Vivian’s passion has been to inspire and empower women and children. This passion stemmed out from her experiences, through interactions with all sorts of women.  Through these interactions, she saw the need for a forum, where women could come together to be inspired, educated, motivated as well as share ideas and experiences with one another. This is enabled by the diversities of backgrounds and experiences of these women; factors that the women engage in order to make meaning and progress in life. Some of the experiences of the women here includes issues of domestic violence, abuses, rape, neglect and various other deprivations and disadvantages. The forum provides a platform for these women to get trained in ways that would empower them, and make them contributors to their families at large, which will consequently impact the larger society. It also affords the women opportunities for mentorship between younger and older women, guidance and empowerment programs, as well as a platform to learn more about motherhood and parenting.

In addition to these, the Young Moms Support Foundation participates in orphanage visits and also engages in awareness campaigns and programmes on various issues affecting women, such as: cancer awareness programmes. This goes beyond just awareness to fundraising event with other NGOs, free breast cancer screening as well as treatment for members with cancerous lumps. There is also awareness and genotype education for young people and intending couples. Awareness is also made on the benefits of the girl-child education; Saying no to domestic abuse, child abuse, rape and others.

Furthermore, the Young Moms Support Foundation has partnered with some NGOs in creating awareness and fundraising; such as; Run for life UK, Project Pink Blue; Child Survival Development Organization of Nigeria; Jesus Girls, to mention but a few.

The Young Moms Support Foundation: More To Do with More Support

Though most of the funding is self-sponsorship, with donations from group members also, the financial burden weighs tough. The need for support and financial partnership cannot be overstated. These supports and partnerships that are solicited can be both in financial and technical; support and partnerships from different companies, government and professional bodies that can assist with training these women, in acquiring skills in technology, agriculture, baking, sewing and others.

One of the projects in the fore-seeable future is the establishment of the Young Moms Academy where women can come in for free and learn trades and skills. An academy that enables every woman that can be reached, to have a skill that brings some form of income, whether in the public sector, corporate world or from the confines of the room, despite the challenges of motherhood or running a family.

Within a year of commencement, The Young Moms Support Foundation has grown from 5,000 to over 170,000 members. It has its mission and its vision statements stated as follows:

Mission Statement: We are poised to accelerate an enabling society where young mothers can have a voice to speak out and seek support. We drive to curb depression, domestic violence, abuses, infertility, unemployment among young mothers.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to bring inspiration, innovations and develop more confident young mothers that will be skilled and equipped to lead there society, globally

Vivian Sonny- Nsirim has an MBA from Middlesex University, London. She has also won the Woman of Praise Award UK, 2016. She was also a Finalist, Women for Africa Award UK, 2017.



Featured image source: She Leads Africa

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