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Recipe for Banga Soup

Oil palm is a perennial crop which grows in abundance in Nigeria. Its fruit, the palm fruit is juicy. Palm fruits contain oil which can be processed when ripe to produce palm oil which is used in preparing all manner of local delicacies.

On our menu today is banga soup, the oil-rich delicacy that originates from South-South Nigeria. The major ingredient for this soup is palm fruit. However, the palm oil used in banga soup is different from the processed palm oil used in preparing most local delicacies in Nigeria. Palm oil extraction for banga Soup is done at very low temperature. It is a mixture of oil and water and it contains less saturated fat.

Banga soup is the Niger-Delta version of Ofe Akwu Ndi Igbo. It is a very tasty local dish. It is prepared with native spices which give this soup its peculiar flavour. Why don’t you join me on a cooking adventure to the Niger-Delta, I’ll show you how to prepare this delicacy.


Fresh palm nuts



Dry fish


Cow leg


Beletientien or scent leaves




Aidan Fruit




Stock Cubes



Rinse the meat very well to get rid of sand. Rinse the stockfish and dry fish with salt and warm water. Season the meat and stockfish with onions, stock cubes and salt. Add water to the pot and place on medium heat to boil. Cook till tender. Bear in mind that when boiling different kinds of meat, it is always advisable to start with the tougher parts. Wash and slice your scent leaves or Beletientien leaves and set aside.

Rinse the palm nuts, put in a pot and add water. Allow it to cook on medium heat. When palm nuts are tender, remove from pot and place in a clean mortar. The next step is the palm oil extraction. To this end, use a pestle to gently pound the palm nuts. Emphasis is on gently; the aim of this exercise is to separate the outer skin from the nut and not to break the palm nuts. When you’re done, keep the pestle aside. If you’re using a large mortar pour hot water into the mortar, otherwise, transfer the palm nuts into a bowl before pouring the hot water. Hot water makes oil extraction which is done by hand squeezing easier. But the water should not be too hot so it doesn’t burn your hands oh! Your palm oil extract should be thick and not too watery.

Decant the oil to a clean pot using a sieve. Add enough water, possibly double the quantity of Banga extract because it needs to cook well. Cook on medium heat for about thirty minutes. At this point, your soup will be thicker; oil will be floating atop the bubbling banga extract.

Add your meat stock to the pot alongside the dry fish, ground crayfish, pepper, ataiko, aidan fruit, irugege and oburunbebe stick. Add stock cube and salt to taste. Cover and allow to cook for about ten minutes. By now, the unique banga aroma should fill your kitchen. Add the washed and sliced beletientien leaves and periwinkle. Leave to simmer for about three minutes. Serve with starch or eba.

Featured image source: Zeelicious Foods

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