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solomon by ikon


Song of the Week – ‘Solomon’ by Ikon

“Solomon”, by brand new single by rapper- producer Ikon Ekwuyasi is our song of the week.

Ikon has, for a long time, been the man behind a number of Nigerian urban hit songs, working with Lynxx, Show Dem Camp and Collectiv3,among other indigenous music artistes and groups.

Only recently he moved from being the man behind the scene, to rapping with the groups; Three Wise Men, Collectiv3, and Show Dem Camp, but with his new album “Hungry To Live”, Ikon is taking a big solo leap unto the spotlight.


“Solomon” is the second single off the new album. The sample that makes the song’s chorus was actually gotten from a funeral song at his uncle’s graveside. The chorus is simply King David delivering his last words to his son an heir, Solomon, sang in a Benue dialect.

The “Hungry To Live” album is inspired by Ikon’s life journey, the loss of a dear brother, years of depression and suicidal thoughts, the triumph of good over evil and his finding a reason to live.

Ikon- Solomon, Lyrics

Have you ever thought of yourself as an animal what you would be?

I used to think that I was a bird

‘Cause nobody could understand me so I wanted to fly free

Hungry to live on top of the world

So many stories to tell but lemme start with ones that matter to me

I had a plan to take over the world before 23

If you believe that you are a product of whatever you see

Then you might understand what Nigeria has done to me


Its heart felt it’s been many years

Every time I remember that night I go running with tears

In my eyes

Cause I don’t want Nedu to see me depressed

Even though I know he knows and doesn’t love me any less

You see it’s not too obvious that I’m dealing with stuff

Or is it

I try to smile but is that hiding enough?

Cause all I know is God has blessed me with so much love to give

I’m thirsty for success but ask me if I’m hungry to live

Yo, I believe in god and I believe in me

You can’t make it to success so easily

Even an unbeliever believes he doesn’t believe

In the name of the Father the Son the birds or the bees

I believe in the sky I believe in the sea

I believe that you can choose which one you wanna see

I believe… Solomon

Have you ever thought of yourself as an animal what you would be?

Now I know that I am a wolf

Cause only those who understand me become part of my family

Hungry to live and that is the truth


Ikon Tells the story behind the album:



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Featured image source: Soundcloud

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