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Techpoint Inspired: The Largest TECH Conference In Africa

In the world discourse, the role of technology and innovation cannot but be mentioned in whatever sector of the economy that is discussed. With the tremendous wealth available in Africa in terms of natural and human resources, technology and innovation will go a long way in advancing the economy of the continent as well as provide her a platform to be a global driver of change and sustainable development along with the rest of the developed world.

In recent times, Africa has been on the hot-list with global recognition of startups, small businesses, and innovations from Africans and pan-African organizations. Organizations such as recognize the need to form a community of technology enthusiasts and stakeholders through an event which is one of the “biggest technology gathering of technology enthusiasts and stakeholders in Africa”, where discussions on the present and the future of technology in the continent are being brought to the forefront and discussed amongst those with the reins of influence.

Techpoint Africa is a leading media firm in Africa devoted to four major themes: entrepreneurship, innovation, startups and technology. They have created a name for themselves through various conferences they organize yearly: Techpoint Build and Techpoint Inspired. The Techpoint Build is a 24-hour startup event in West Africa. It features conferences running all through the day, exhibition that connect startups with other SMEs as well as conferences centred around pitching your business. The event attracts people from different countries in West Africa as well as investors from different countries. also organizes the Techpoint Inspired. Techpoint Inspired is the largest tech conference in Africa. This year there will be workshops and conferences on the future of technology in Africa with discussions on AI, robotics and automation, Blockchain and cryptocurrency, The future of work and the experiences of various individuals in the tech space. Key to what Techpoint Inspired is set to do is to liberate people to dream beyond the present through conversations and fuel the passion of each person to work towards the goal of developing Africa through technology and innovation.

Techpoint Inspired

The event will be held in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria on the 1st of June, 2019 with a closing dinner party on the 2nd of June, 2019. Three classes of tickets are provide: the Platinum ticket (VIP) costing NGN 20,000, the Gold Inspired ticket attracting a cost of  NGN 3,000 and the Student pass, costing NGN 1,500.

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If you are in the tech ecosystem or an enthusiast, then you do not want to miss this. Mark your calendars.


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