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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have made it possible for anyone to sign up and start learning at fairly affordable prices or for free as the case may be. With these abounding systems of learning dispersed across the web and being made available in many regions around the world, learning is becoming more and more comprehensive, cheaper and less burdensome for so many students even in countries where quality education is still considered a luxury.

One of the pioneering and innovative MOOCs set to disrupt the educational sector in Nigeria and take it to the next level is is not just creating a conducive system for learning but it is also offering a digitalized format of all subjects pertaining to secondary school for students, parents, and teachers for a fee as low as N200. With this, the founder, Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji, a Social Entrepreneur and Human Development Expert, aims to facilitate access to education, improve performance rates of students in National exams and train teachers effectively.

Passnownow was founded by Toyosi Akerele, a social entrepreneur and human development expert with years of experience in entrepreneurship, education, youth development, and public leadership. She launched Passnownow as a digitalised solution to the flaws she found present in the Nigerian educational system.

Observing Faults In The Educational System and Attempting To Fix Them

Having had experience as a social entrepreneur and human development expert in different fields including education, Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsij, came to observe the faults present in the Nigerian education system. For a country to thrive, its education system should be beefed up with highly-qualified teachers with the necessary experience, skills and an incentivised mindset to effectively impart knowledge in students.

On the other hand, students should be given access to quality educational materials and equal learning opportunities irrespective of the backgrounds they come from. These were the glaring inadequacies Toyosi had to come to terms with and set out to fix. Through her EdTech platform,, Toyosi is compensating for these inadequacies by providing a standard system of learning for teachers and students using technology.

A Website With The Tools For Learning And Teaching offers students and teachers a digitalised secondary school curriculum through comprehensive notes created by teachers and educational experts. With these notes available, thousands of teachers are able to use them in the classroom. Students also benefit from the website by being able to study online and read ahead of the syllabus.

Since inception, has delivered over a million lessons to students and teachers who use the service. Several users from Nigeria and beyond have visited the site and benefitted to a large extent from its wealth of resources.

Featured image source: Passnownow

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