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Home tutoring has quickly become a lucrative line of business because parents are now seeing the need for extra lessons for their kids. This all boils down to the fact students have varying degrees at which they assimilate subject material and, moreover, home lessons help to reinforce what students are being taught in school. As a result, a good number of ed-tech startups have sprung up in recent years to cater to the growing flock of parents who are in search of qualified tutors capable of grooming their children to excel in their academics.

One of such startups is Primal Tutor, a tutoring service that has emerged to provide learning solutions for children across nursery, primary and secondary schools. Primal Tutor was founded by Wale Ogunjobi, a young entrepreneur, Civil Engineer, and Digital Strategist with a passion to impact to the educational system in Nigeria.

The Startup Story

Wale’s business idea sprang up in 2015 up during his National Youth Service Corp in Sokoto State. He started the business with the sole aim of adding value to the educational system in Sokoto State. In order to accomplish this, he started by organising seminars and conferences under the initial brand name of “Rising Stars Tutors. Through these events, he aimed to inform the indigenes of the state about the importance of education and why it was necessary to embrace it. Moreover, he had already equipped himself with the digital skills essential for running an ed-tech business.

After his National Youth Service, he decided to formalise the business and on relocating to Lagos, he changed the scheme of the business and rebranded its name to Primal Tutor. Today, Primal Tutor is two years in the industry and has already begun waxing strong in its efforts to provide smart home tutoring solutions for students around the country.

How It Operates

On Primal Tutors, intending tutors have to go through a screening process to ensure that they are qualified for the jobs they are applying for. They are tested based on their expertise, years of experience, qualifications, and communication level. They also have to take written and personality tests in order to show that they are competent are teaching. Once they have passed the screening process, they are then paired with students who match their subject specifications.

Parents and guardians, on the other hand, have to fill out an online form indicating their interest to employ the services of a tutor. They are then assigned tutors based on the information they’ve provided and the subjects their wards/children are taking.

In addition to being a platform where parents can find ideal tutors for their kids across a variety of subjects, Primal Tutor also provides career counselling, school staff recruitment, and training programs amongst others.

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