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Andela Launches Power Of X Campaign To Attract Midlevel And Senior Software Engineers Into Andela

As more companies seek to enhance their technology teams via distributed workforces, Andela, also looking into scaling its operations, and meeting the global growing demand for software developers, launched a new campaign themed Power of X. This campaign was born out of the need to expand the company’s business model. recruits mid and senior level software engineers to join the Andelan community across the world.

The tech training, development and outsourcing company is opening up its doors to developers across all experience levels, to help build their skills to global standards. Since its launch in 2014, Andela has trained over 1,000 software engineers, who have worked with global companies including Safaricom, Invision, Viacom, and Skillshare. These engineers work on global challenges within global engineering teams yet play an important role in their local ecosystems and are central to Africa’s growing tech community.

The idea behind the Power of X campaign came from debunking myth of “10X engineer” which is simply an individual developer with the capabilities of 10 average developers. The country director, Omowale David-Ashiru, speaking in a press conference said “…Those who hire engineers look out for basic traits such as collaboration, empathy and passion. To them, that’s what makes a good engineer… Engineers come with different attributes and at different levels. For us, X is limitless so it doesn’t have to be 10, it can be 100 or 1000. Our mission is to provide an enabling environment.”

“Collaboration is a key factor for thriving in the African software industry. At Andela, we challenge our software engineers to experiment as well as build new complex technologies whilst working with the best of the best. We also encourage engineers to work on diverse and complex projects and to interact with teams across the globe. This brings its own learning opportunities, thus making it easier for our software engineers to take the leap to a higher skill level and progress in their careers.” says Janet Maingi, Country Director, Andela Kenya.

Omowale David-Ashiru, Country Director, Andela Nigeria said, “We are excited to be part of the first generation of limitless software engineers in Africa who will play a significant role in transforming the future of technology, which we hope will be central to Africa’s economic development. At Andela, we expect our Software Engineers to gain the skills, experiences, and networks that will enable them to become innovators and tech leaders in Africa and we are excited to now open up our recruitment funnel to diversify and enhance our talent pool”.

Osoba Olayiwola, Marketing and Communications Manager, Nigeria, speaking on the recruitment process said “Since the candidates already have experience, they apply as mid-level or senior software engineers. Once they apply, we have a very strong recruitment process to ensure that they are mid-level or senior-level as they claim. Once the process is done, the successful candidates then join the Andela team”. He also adds that the company plans to hire more than 500 engineers across Africa through the Power of X campaign.


  • Global experience by leading teams with partner companies which range from Fortune 500 industry leaders to some of the world’s fastest growing venture-backed companies
  • Work with top global engineering firms.
  • Lead teams of high performing engineers and serve as the point person for partner companies.
  • Leverage skills and experience to coach and mentor the next generation of world-class developers and shape the next generation of Africa’s tech leaders.
  • Build high impact products for global users that solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
  • Joining Andela without going through the boot camp.


Experienced software engineers must be proficient in Ruby, Javascript (React, Node, ES6+, Angular), Python (Django or Flask) and Native Mobile Technologies for iOS or Android.

To join the Andela team as a mid-level or senior software engineer, apply here.




Featured image source: Andela

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