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Brands We Love: McDorsey Services

McDorsey has operated in Nigeria’s IT sector for nearly two decades- practically growing with the country’s mobile technology revolution. In that time, it’s become recognized as a key fixture in the sector, servicing some of our biggest telecommunications, power, and utility brands.

In a nutshell, they are a digital solutions provider, acting as enablers and fixers for Nigeria’s key economic agents. These services range from cybersecurity and hardware maintenance to training and certification for people interested in becoming device repairers and ICT professionals.

McDorsey came onto the scene in the early 2000s, a time marked by an almost fever pitch frenzy around the arrival of GSM devices. They quickly moved to fill an obvious gap in that developing ecosystem: the new telecoms companies needed partners to help with distribution and maintenance. Firms like McDorsey were able to meet this need by leveraging the expertise of their trained engineers and technicians.

Today, they remain with the top brass of the ICT services industry. They haven’t stayed the same; having spotted the diverse opportunities existing in the ever-broadening tech and utility sectors, they have tweaked their existing offerings and brought new ones on board to help these evolving sectors stay relevant in a space that’s constantly being disrupted.

McDorsey helps consumers with after-sales services for some of Nigeria’s most technology, luxury and lifestyle products. Thanks to links they’ve developed with over a dozen Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), they are able to present as the trusted maintenance outfit for major equipment producers and suppliers.

Telecoms companies in Nigeria have also relied on McDorsey’s after-sales and repair hub services. Their client base includes several digital device distributors and outfits allied to the country’s leading telcos. The work done by the McDorsey team allows these companies to focus on their core sales operations.

Businesses wishing to use McDorsey’s services can agree to an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with them. This gives the company being serviced access to a range of benefits, including periodic system checks and hardware repairs. They can also have their IT infrastructure primed to withstand cybersecurity threats.

Besides these offerings, McDorsey also runs training for aspiring mobile technology experts, web designers, and digital marketers. These classes are tutored by persons trained and experienced in these fields- something this brand is able to provide by virtue of the many years it’s operated in Nigeria’s IT space.

The McDorsey franchise relies on willing individual partners to grow its coverage of Nigeria. The brand promises regular revenue streams spouting from its agreements with mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers, and other appliance producers. Franchisees who agree to operate under McDorsey’s name and terms can act as telecoms product vendors and service points.

You can find out more about McDorsey’s services here.

Featured image source: McDorsey Services

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