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Did You Know That The Tech Ecosystem Comprises Of More Than Just Tech Companies?

There is a thin divide in the tech ecosystem as the definition of tech is beyond programming and coding, to the application of technology to create products and services. A tech company is basically a company which focuses on manufacturing technology and selling technology or technology services. It uses technology as an edge or advantage with its product, product delivery or services.

The tech ecosystem is an interconnected, interdependent network of various actors that combine to create innovative products and services in tech. A tech ecosystem brings startups and founders together in a network, to overcome problems and share each other’s experiences. Tech ecosystems typically contain individuals who are involved in numerous tech entrepreneurial ventures, angel investors and individuals who provide startup founders with much needed guidance and advice.

The primary actors in the tech ecosystem include the tech startups, more established tech companies, tech company founders, investors, mentors and organisations that provide business support. There are supporting factors that play a crucial role in creating a tech ecosystem. These include the media, the government, a strong human resources talent pool, the education system, a predominant entrepreneurial culture, and a robust local infrastructure to support founders and investors in communicating, solving problems together, and coming up with innovative ideas. These individuals are require for the smooth functioning of the ecosystem and are imperative to the success of the tech space.

A tech startup with the most innovative ideas will not get very far if it does not have the workforce capable of making its ideas a reality; as such, the following will be required:

  • Human resource or community managers (this name is becoming more popular in the ecosystem) needed to manage the ecosystem as well as create opportunities for the absorption of strong talents into the tech space.
  • Strong talent pools which are created through a good education system to improve the knowledge and skills of tech programmers, designers and engineers. There is certainly talent and interest, but they need a high level of training and specific. This has over the years been the core of different startups through programmes such as CodeLagos, SeedDev amongst others.
  • Financial managers
  • Government support through regulations and policies that makes it easier to navigate obstacles. Some state governments in Nigeria provide start-ups with funding, space and training programmes for the developers and for interested citizens.
  • Media which keeps track of progress and converts the success of the ecosystem to news in which people can relate with the solutions provided through technology.
  • Founders, investors and acceleration programs provide financial commitment, advice, networking and mentoring opportunities to the ecosystem.

The tech ecosystem is first human before any process in which services and products are delivered, as such, the place of the different pool of talents beyond the programmers and geeks cannot be underestimated. They are the link between the idea and the product, the process and the implementation. Therefore, beyond the “geeks” are other career opportunities with the ecosystem. Looking into getting into the tech ecosystem? I will write a follow up article on the opportunities available for non-programmers in the tech ecosystem.


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Aanuoluwapo Olajide is a freelance writer who believes that words are fundamental blocks and are the force of life and death. She is a tech enthusiast, fashion designer and a lover of words.

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