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Millions Of Revenues Lost Due To Poor Logistics Services

Hundreds of companies lose millions every year to poor logistics. Companies in Nigeria are faced with a lot of problems when it comes to sourcing raw materials, finished or unfinished products from trusted global suppliers as well as the rising cost in shipping and demurrage charges from using unlicensed and unprofessional clearing agent at the Nigerian ports who attempt to cut corners.

These challenges have hindered smooth delivery of goods and services from other parts of the world to Nigeria. In many cases, some businesses have been shut down from outrageous bills and fines levied on companies after found to have by court clearing charges, duties or taxes. It’s proven that most items get to most companies late despite the huge shipping cost embossed on them. Some are even delivered been damaged leading to loss of huge money used in acquiring them. provides solutions that are simplified to cater for companies in Nigeria, ranging from her simplified global procurement service that will cut operational cost by 25% to 35% in most companies, faster air shipping service which is typically within four (4) to five (5) days and up to four (4) containers with the weekly ocean shipping that allows companies receive their goods in just 6 to 8 weeks and fast clearing in just 5 business days with our licensed custom clearing agents. The SCLogisticsng provides clearing services on all goods, whether or not they are shipped by our team.

Having a logistics partner that understand your business needs is crucial in business. Nduka Udeh, the CEO/MD SCLogisticng says that,

“ is established to serve all sectors. Starting from providing logistics support for contractors from manufacturing, telecom and oil and gas sectors to agriculture, textile, automobile and merchants in computers village.

Going further Udeh says that,

“All businesses can tap into SCLogisticsng consolidation service to reduce the cost of shipping goods from global suppliers to Nigeria. This consolidation by ocean shipping will typically save most companies 60 per cent to 80 per cent on the cost to be paid to other major carriers. Business are also assured of our full insurance that covers any risk that could arise while your goods are in transit. We have partnered with Consolidation Hallmark to ensure your business is safe with

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