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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 5 Actresses Making Waves In Nollywood Today

2018 was a year of surprises in the entertainment industry. From old acts who had striking comebacks to new or upcoming artists who put on unforgettable performances, it was a year that showed great promise in the entertainment world. Nollywood itself gathered so much momentum as we got to see many phenomenal actors put up the best of shows. Here is a list of actresses who are making waves in the industry and are now the new-found favourites for many Nigerians.

Zainab Balogun

The first notable Nollywood movie most would remember Zainab Balogun featuring in is “The Wedding Party”. In this movie, she brought her A-game in a role we were not used to seeing in Nigerian movies. She played the comic role of a prim and proper wedding planner who could hardly ever get anything done. She showed a lot of potential in “The Wedding Party” and proved she was a talented and dynamic actress capable of fitting in with Nollywood. Remarkably, she has surpassed our expectations and is now a rising star in the entertainment industry. After “The Wedding Party”, her subsequent appearances in “Sylvia” and “God Calling” demonstrated her acting prowess to the fullest. Zainab is definitely one actress that has the X factor and she has shown this through her delightful performances in these movies.


Sola Sobowale

Before Sola Sobowale’s recent big break in Nollywood, most would have hardly disputed how good of an actress she was especially after seeing her stellar performance as “Toyin Tomato” in the Super Story Drama Series. For a long time after that, she shuttled between Yoruba and English movies still managing to stay relevant in the industry. However, her energetic performance in the movie “King of Boys” caught the attention of many and has now established her as a Titan in Nollywood. Sola is one of those individuals that prove age is nothing but a number and success can come knocking at any time.


Toni Tones

Toni Tones is popular for playing the younger Eniola Salami in the widely acclaimed “King of Boys”. Prior to this, her name would have rung a bell for most as she was known chiefly as a media personality thriving in professions like Photography and Singing. Her performance in “King of Boys” showed she knew a thing or two about acting as she aptly mimicked the mannerisms of the renowned Sola Sobowale who played the older Eniola Salami in the movie. With her acting prowess now showcased for the world to see, Nigerians are now rooting to see her in more movies and she may just grant them their wishes.


Jemima Osunde

Most who followed the television series MTV Shuga would be familiar with Jemima Osunde, the actress who played the role of a popular school girl who had eyes for only one boy. Her performance in the series was note-worthy and as a result, many fans knew she was a star in the making from that moment. Our favourite “school girl” has gone on to take up more roles in bigger movies making her an actress we can keep our fingers crossed on.     Indeed, 2018 was her year as she showed up with a great performance in the movie “New Money” and was quite impressive in “Lion Heart”.


Ade Laoye

Ade Laoye’s first most notable appearance in a Nollywood movie was in Hush, the hit TV series by Africa Magic. In the series, the energy she brought to the TV screen was undeniable and it was apparent she had the talent to make it big in Nollywood. With a background in theatre arts and the experience of growing up in a musically inclined family, it can be aptly said that Ade had the right influences from a young age. In 2018, her performance in “Knock Out Blessing” proved she could hold her own in the industry. Ade Laoye has proved she has a place in Nollywood and we can expect to see her in more projects in 2019 and beyond.


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