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Daily, people have to lodge in hotels for various reasons and finding one with the right amenities can prove daunting especially when there is hardly any information about them online. This is where comes in. Noxiae is a hotels listing platform that features well-vetted hotels from all over the country and provides Nigerian locals and tourists alike with detailed information about these hotels to enable them to make the right choice when booking a hotel. The startup was founded by Daniel Godwin, a graduate of the University of Lagos, who saw the gap in the gap in the hospitality sector and set out to fill it.

The Startup Story

Most times, the decision to start a business stems from a challenge the founder faced while attempting to use a product or service. The founder usually then goes on to make useful research on that industry, draws up a business plan and implements the idea. This was the exact case of Daniel Godwin, the founder of Noxiae. com. Prior to his business venture, Daniel had attended the University of Lagos where he studied Insurance banking and after, attained a Google certificate in Digital Marketing. During this time, he was working as an online sales consult at Jumia Nigeria; this and his educational background were what gave him the experience and exposure he needed to thrive in business.

Daniel discovered the gap in the hospitality sector one day when he had difficulty booking a hotel for himself online. According to him, he could hardly find any web platform that housed comprehensive information about hotels and as a result, he had to open different hotel websites before finding any useful information. This led him to question the absence of experiential reviews on hotels and set out to create a solution by brainstorming on ideas and making further research on the industry. Not only did he discover a gap in the hospitality sector but he also found out there was a large number of hotels in Nigeria waiting to be reviewed and showcased to the public.

Today, he has built the online platform, Noxiae, that caters to locals and tourists visiting Nigeria. The platform provides hotel experiential reviews, up-to-date information on hotel facilities with dates, videos, and pictures, and private consultation services to help Nigerians make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a hotel.

Mode of Operation

As a pioneer hotel online service, Noxiae aims to aggregate the best hotels and lodges around the country. It does this by visiting these hotels, capturing panoramic views of all they entail and offering experiential marketing of these services to ensure that locals and tourists can book the right hotels that match their requirements. Noxiae also conducts thorough vetting sessions on the hospitality facilities and services found in these hotels to ensure that they check with what they showcase to the public. It also pays periodic visits to hotels to ensure that any changes in prices, facilities, and services are reflected on the platform.

Achievements and Milestones

In just a short period of its establishment, Noxiae has recorded a frequent rise in traffic from individuals who want to book hotels that match their requirements. The service is currently introducing more features that will enhance user experience and make the prospects of finding a suitable hotel online more feasible.

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