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Do You Know The Tallest Building In Nigeria?

With the ever-increasing population in Nigeria, there is also a consequent need for an increase in infrastructure; residential, commercial, just name it. Nigeria is regarded as not only the most populous African Nation but also one of the most buoyant economies. The implication is that Nigeria is a Mega-country and as expected in every mega-city, there is the existence of mega-projects; expectantly existent in the form of buildings and mega-structures.  Nigeria hasn’t really disappointed in that regards. However, the concentration of these sky-high/ high-rise, mega buildings have been within the axis of Abuja and Lagos; evidently so because, of the two cities, the latter has served as the administrative headquarters of the country, while the former is currently serving as the administrative headquarters. That factor in itself has served as a key factor in spurring rapid growth in those cities and the economy, as well as the kinds of structures existent there.

Given the above, it is expected that Nigeria’s tallest building is in one of those two cities. This article seeks to furnish you with the information about the tallest building in Nigeria, as well as other buildings of notable heights in the country.

The NECOM Building: Reaching for the Heights

Completed in 1979, the NECOM building or the Nigerian External Communications (NECOM) is the tallest building in Nigeria, standing at 525 feet or about 160 meters and comprising of 32 storey levels. The NECOM House (formerly NITEL Tower and before that, the NET Building) is a skyscraper located in Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State, Nigeria. The building which houses the headquarters of NITEL was the tallest in Nigeria and the entirety of West Africa as at the time of completion. One of the aspects of the building that has contributed to its staggering height is the presence of the well prominent communication spire on the roof. The communications spire at the top of the tower doubly serves as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbor. Those responsible for the design and construction of this magnificent edifice included; Nickson Borys & Partners who worked as the Architects, and the Costain Group who were the main contractors.

Other very tall buildings of repute and worthy of note in Nigeria; standing at a height of nothing less than a 100 meters include the following:

  • The Union Bank Building in Lagos, which stands at 124 meters (407 ft), having 28 levels and completed in 1991.
  • The WTC Tower II in Abuja, which stands at 120 meters (390 ft), with 25 storeys and completed in 2016.
  • The Eko Tower II in Lagos, standing at 118 meters (387 ft) and has 27 storeys. It was completed in 2016.
  • The WTC Tower I in Abuja, which stands at 110 meters (360 ft), and has 24 storeys. It was completed in 2016.
  • The Ministry of Communication Building which has a height of 109 meters (358 ft) with a storey number of 30. It is also situated in Lagos.
  • The Cocoa House in Ibadan, which is 105 meters (344 ft), with 26 storeys. It was completed in 1965.
  • The InterContinental Lagos, standing at a height of 105 meters (344 ft) with 22 storeys. The building in Lagos was completed in 2013.
  • The Independence House in Lagos, which was completed in 1960 and stands at a height of 103 meters (338 ft), with 23 storeys.
  • The Central Bank of Nigeria building in Lagos, completed in 2013 and stands at a height of 100 meters (330 ft), with 19 storeys.

Worthy of note also, is the fact that the NECOM House has suffered two fire incidences since it was built; one in 1983 which caused considerable damage to the building, and the other in 2015 which affected the top of the building.

Before its record gaining feat as the tallest building in Nigeria and Africa, the Cocoa house was attributed that glory.




Featured image source: BuzzNigeria

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