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Fathers’ Day

Where would we be without Fathers? By what language can we speak about them? What adjective can qualify? What clause can state? What phrase can express?

How exactly can we quantify how special Fathers are; to their families, and to humanity? At its basest, not even conception in reproductive terms, is possible without Fathers. How delightful it would be if we could translate the thought of who Fathers are in explanatory terms; apprehensible to the feeble and frail mind of mere mortals. How do we communicate the intent of infinite wisdom to the brains of a newborn?

An Ode To Fathers

Fathers! Those who not only give wings to fly; but set in motion the static to flight. Fathers! Producing catwalks out of a limp, champions out of a chimp, gloss out of the dross. Fathers! Not perfect but worth celebrating; often times sacrificing their lives in the pursuit of the happiness of their families. Some make winning seem like a sip of water; excellence in clockwork proportions; making the impossible look like nothing. For others, it is like passing a camel through the eye of a needle; against all odds, against all gods, against all lots. Some are excellent, some excel less; some succeed without batting an eyelid, some struggle and fail. Yet, their failures are not a flaw; they are the seeds that birth the greatness in many children; it is what makes even the wildest of beasts, the tamest.

Fathers play an incredible role in the home by nurturing, training, and loving their children. Fathers do what Mothers do; love unconditionally, but in a different way; an oxymoron; mild yet fierce, soft yet terse; silkiness with a touch of trampoline.

To the Fathers who are good, honest, straightforward, hardworking, resilient, diligent; whether biological Fathers, Step-Fathers, Foster Fathers, or Spiritual Fathers. You are the real deal; superheroes without capes, the solid rocks that rock solid. Though the world has set apart one day to celebrate Fathers; the third Sunday in the month of June. In reality however, one day is not enough, not even a lifetime, not even a million lifespans comes close to being worthy enough to celebrate Fathers. Everyday should be Fathers’ day; the celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

Happy Fathers’ Day to All Fathers; Perfect Fathers, Imperfect Fathers, Fathers who keep trying and every other Father who is making an effort to make the world a better place.



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Jeremiah Aluwong

Jeremiah is a scholar and a poet. He has a keen eye for studying the world and is passionate about people. He tweets at @jeremiahaluwong.



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