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Sell Your Google Play Gift Cards For What They’re Actually Worth

As the most visited website in the world, Google requires no introduction. In turn, it comes as no surprise that this company also has the largest app store in the world. It’s suitable for those who take little interest in mobile apps, too; Google Play provides subscribers with an excellent music service, a bookstore, and even effortless video streaming.

While Google’s gift cards are accepted in most corners of the internet, it’s not all effortless.

For starters, the holders of Google Play Gift Cards are often the easiest targets for cybercriminals. For instance, the number of people who filed fraud reports concerning gift card scammers skyrocketed in the last 3 years – by 270%! This means that even with a valuable card in hand, using it is not always going to be a breeze.

Another reason you could be looking to sell your Google gift card is for things you cannot do with it. For example, Spotify Premium does not accept Google Play gift cards as a form of payment. Having said that, when it comes to selling, is it really that simple?

Problem with reselling gift cards

Gift card reselling can be surprisingly unprofitable and often puts your online identity at risk. In 2016, six people were arrested in New Jersey after being linked to a gift card scam worth $9 million. This can easily be anticipated when gift card spending can rise to $30 billion within one holiday season.

Additionally, in lower economically developed countries like Nigeria, trading gift cards for things like food has become quite common. The problem is that the owners of any given gift card will rarely get anything close to the face value of the product. So, how do we even begin to solve this issue?

If you want a reliable service that will allow you to sell your gift cards for what they’re actually worth, it’s time to get an introduction to CoinCola.

Selling Gift Cards With CoinCola

CoinCola is one of the most globally-renowned OTC Bitcoin trading platforms in the world. Most recently, the company introduced a dedicated service that allows users to purchase Bitcoin with a range of gift cards, including Google gift cards, within minutes!

While CoinCola is based in Hong Kong, its service allows people in countries like Nigeria, Guana, and other parts of Africa, exchange gift cards for what they’re actually worth. Not only do you get a fair exchange, but Coincola prioritizes the safety of its users no matter where they are located.

With bank-level encryption and a myriad of other security features, Coincola provides a top-of-the-line service to those who would be under high risk of fraud otherwise.

In CoinCola, they prioritize user safety and ease of use. Despite the advanced Blockchain technology, the service is highly intuitive and doesn’t require complicated verification. Further, if you’re looking to carry out these transactions on the move, there couldn’t have been a simpler way – Coincola has a dedicated mobile app (IOS, Android) for users on the go.

So, why not get started right away?

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Whether you are looking to liquify your assets or merely put your Google Play gift card to better use, you will need a reliable service to do so. With Coincola, not only will your needs come first, but within just a few clicks, they’ll be able to help you invest into cryptocurrency whilst maintaining the value of your gift card.

P.s. Hit here if you want to buy Bitcoin with Naira instead of gift card. 

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