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Websites We Love: Nigeria Property Centre

A quick Google search with the keywords “rental properties in Nigeria” will bring up Nigeria Property Centre as the highest ranked website on the first page of the search results. This is actually great news for many Nigerians who are no strangers to the tedious process of acquiring a landed property (whether for rent or purchase). With Nigeria Property Centre, the process which usually entails negotiating with several estate agents who charge outrageous fees and paying extra charges which would be uncalled for in an organised setting has now been digitised to make it a straight-forward one.

With a directory of over 20,000 properties in about 240 localities in Nigeria, for rent, sale, and lease, Nigeria Property Centre is offering Nigerian property seekers a data-driven and structured platform to find and acquire property in Nigeria.

An Inclination Towards Entrepreneurship

Nigeria Property Centre was founded by Nnamdi Chineme, a software developer and serial entrepreneur who has launched a string of startups/projects over the years. As an ambitious individual having an inclination towards technology and business, Nnamdi started experimenting with running his own business from a young age. He first had a go at entrepreneurship when he launched a solution to help automate the daily processes at his dad’s hospital. This project, although met with disappointment, taught him some of the valuable lessons he knows about entrepreneurship. Subsequently, Nnamdi moved to Lagos, where he and four others, co-founded Parkway Projects – a service delivering software solutions and facilities for e-banking and e-payment services to financial institutions in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. As a result of all the experience, he garnered from running his previous startups/projects, Nnamdi went on to found Nigerian Property Centre which has grown to become a premier property listing service in Nigeria.

Mode Of Services

Like many property listing services, Nigeria Property Centre caters to two kinds of user: the agents and those seeking property to either buy or rent. User feedback is the modus operandi of the service and this is evidently apparent in terms of the ease with which people search for property on the website. The home screen of the website is structured in such a manner that for every property a user searches for, their specific locations can also be found. In addition to this, users can find relevant information like property types, the number of bedrooms, and minimum and maximum prices for each property.

Pictures and other details of the properties listed on the website are also available to ensure that users can effectively rate properties they are bargaining for. Once users have found a property that suits them, they can contact the estate agents directly via phone or mail. Otherwise, they can always sign up for email notifications whenever a new property is added to the site. On the other hand, estate agents are always updated on new properties available for sale and their price tags. Ultimately, Nigeria Property Centre creates a playing field for both property seekers and estate agents to work together without any hitches typical of acquiring properties the conventional way.


As earlier stated, the Nigeria Property Centre happens to come out among the top results when keywords like “Nigeria property for rent” and “rental properties in Nigeria” are typed in Google’s search box. This is due to the fact that Nigeria Property Centre is big on SEO. According to the founder, Nnamdi, “One of the things that have kept us going in Nigeria is our knowledge of SEO”. This explains why when you run a search on Google in regard to properties in Nigeria, Nigeria Property Centre comes out amongst the top three results. “And that is because we have a clear understanding of SEO, how it works and the value of organic traffic”, says Nnamdi.

Featured image source: Nigeria Property Center

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