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Websites We Love: Printivo

It is never a pleasant experience when one seeks urgently to use a service but discovers there is no such service existing locally and has to resort to services available abroad.

This was the need Oluyomi Ojo, Ayodeji Adeogun, and Ibukun Oloyede, founders of Printivo, recognised when they set out to found Printivo. They established the service with the aim to offer printing services in Nigeria to consumers and SMEs at affordable prices and to effectively meet their printing requirements.

The startup caters to the printing needs of SMEs by providing them with business cards, letterheads, stickers, point-of-sale displays, greeting cards, handbills, calendars, envelopes, banners, invitation cards, and banners.

The Startup Story

It all started with Ojo Oluyomi, who had always had a knack for entrepreneurship. Before Printivo, he had founded a design and branding agency called Urbanbaze – a startup he set up when he graduated from university. He gained all his experience in Graphic Design and Production while working for reputable brands like Etisalat, Pzifer, Honda, and First Bank, working on various projects in branding, design, and market communications.

Ojo met his two co-founders while he was still running Urbanbaze. One of them, Ibukun Oloyede, became an intern at Urbanbaze and in just four years, rose to the post of Art Director. The other co-founder, Ayodeji Adeogun, was an old acquaintance of Ojo’s who he bumped into while running an errand for Urbanbaze.

According to Ojo, he came up with the idea for Printivo when he discovered that there was a space in the Nigerian printing industry needing to be filled. To his amazement, many Nigerians were resorting to ordering printed materials from abroad, which would entail them having to wait for weeks before the materials arrived. As a result, Ojo founded Printivo with the aim of creating a structured service that would meet the printing demands of consumers and SMEs across the country.

Printivo has not only made printing services easily accessible but has also succeeded in establishing a platform where talented local designers can showcase their works of art and thus, drive sales. This has indeed made their skills marketable and in return made Printivo the go-to service for all-inclusive, customisable printed products.

Mode of Service

Printivo is strategically situated on the outskirts of Shomolu, the widely acclaimed “printing hub of Lagos”. Not constrained by distance, Printivo offers express print-on-demand services across Nigeria. This means one can place an order for a product and have it delivered to their doorstep in a matter of hours or days. Printivo also has a flexible pricing system for SMEs that cannot afford to print in bulk. It operates a pay-on-delivery system to avoid the losses that come with returns. Instead, it proposes a reprinting policy to customers for any defective product and also has a money back guarantee in case the fault with the product can’t be fixed.

Featured image source: Printivo

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