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5 Reasons You Should Consider Working With A Tech Company

A few years ago, the word tech was synonymous to programming, coders and geeks, those with thick round glasses and generally looked uncool. Today, that narrative is changing and more and more sectors of the economy are adopting tech into their products and services. The world is generally tech ruled and it keeps developing, not slowing down a bit from Artificial Intelligence to Machine learning to Augmented Reality and Data Science, the world of tech keeps innovating at a rapid speed.

The good news about this progress is that it comes with a truckload of benefits that may not necessarily be considered upfront but when it gets to the basic, it generates a lot of employment. Today, I will be sharing with you five reasons you should consider working for a tech firm especially if you are looking for a job change or currently unemployed:

1. Every Tech Company Needs Non-Tech Skills

Sometimes we see techies as the alpha and omega and the lone creator of a project or product, but if every CEO/CTO is true to you, he’ll admit to the tremendous help that his non-tech staff play in the project. Non-tech staff may not be able to write lines of codes, but they keep the programmers sane while they code. They interface with the users, manage the business side of the product, market the products, and create contents for the advertisement and promotion of the product amongst many others.

2. Numerous Job Opportunities

What are you good at? What makes you come alive when you are at it? The techies need you. Do you write, cook a mean streak, clean like a pro? Or do you organize things in an amazing manner, have a creative eye to capture moments, make an environment work conducive with your eye for space and details or you are very good at convincing people to buy something they do not know they need until they have it? Then the tech space is for you. An amazing fact is you can create a job role for yourself as long as you can convince your boss of the value it would add to the organization and you can deliver.

3. Tech Culture is Fun

Tech can be as intense as anything you can think of and can be as breezy and fun as a day on the beach. It’s a mixture of both worlds, the mountains and the plains. The informality of the tech culture in the dressing style (t-shirt, jeans and sneakers lifestyle) and the close relationship at work but it also show up in the extra hours you may have to put in your house or in the office on a weekday or even a weekend. Fortunately, many people who work in the tech space love the flexibility of work, I mean, you can work remotely too.

4. Rapid Career Progression

Whether small or large tech firms, there is a great opportunity to progress career-wise and also switch role or departments with needed certification or projects that tend towards such area. Some startups have some of their staff on the non-technical side moving over to the technical side because they learnt to programme and can, therefore, increase the income they command. Also, some companies like Andela and 115 Garage are great places for rapid career advancement.

5. Passion is Required and it’s what you can give

The main thing tech does is try to solve a problem; while doing that it may result in recognition and remuneration but you have to have a solution that you can ask people to buy into. If you have had different ideas or solution on certain problems you see around you and is applicable to other parts of the world, you should try out working with a tech firm and pursuing such a solution. It could be the next big thing and can land you on the list of the next Forbes Africa 30 under 30.

You do not need to have a certificate to create a solution, you just must have a combination of passion, tenacity, discipline and character to forge ahead and do great things.

So, are considering a career change or you’re a graduate looking for where to start your career path? You should seriously consider a tech company, it could be a startup or a firm. You could even volunteer your services and value and see if you like it.


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Aanuoluwapo Olajide

Aanuoluwapo Olajide is a freelance writer who believes that words are fundamental blocks and are the force of life and death. She is a tech enthusiast, fashion designer and a lover of words.

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