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Connect Nigeria Top 100 Winner Featured In Forbes (30 Under 30)

Youth all over the world are the engine room to the growth and development of any nation. They constitute a large percentage of the population of any nation and their productivity shows that any country’s future is safe and guaranteed.

Renowned business and lifestyle magazine, Forbes, has for the past five years made public a list of Africa’s entrepreneurs under the age of 30. The Chief Executive Officer of Transfurd limited Oginni Tolulope is a great example of an exceptional person under the age of 30 to hit remarkable heights and make it to the Forbes 30 Under 30.

Oginni and Transfurd Limited

With great conviction that agriculture can eliminate poverty and hunger, Oginni set up his company Transfurd Limited.  As an agricultural development and management service company, it comprises Transfurd farms, Transfurd Technology, Transfurd Business School and Transfurd Property. Transfurd Limited is built on people and technology and is an embodiment of experts with local and international market experience, who all hold a shared vision and exploit digital for operation, service and support. The agricultural firm is also geared towards promoting agricultural participation, strengthening businesses, and promoting development. Transfurd’s quality services are evident in testimonials by farmers that are beneficiaries of Oginni’s agro project.

My relationship and transactions have been on point, classic and fruitful. Disappointment is never seen as services, they deliver as promised.

Bella Olamilekan Samuel (Farmer)

Tolulope is an international agropreneur and the new face of innovation and evolution in Nigerian agric sector. After working for five years with a brewery company in Nigeria, he resigned in 2012 and ventured into agriculture with just two acres of land but today he boosts of 50 hectares of land in three different states where he plants, processes and packages crops such as rice, maize and cassava. Recognised as the light of Africa in agro-business, he is proof that agriculture can play a significant role in building Nigeria’s economy.

White collar Jobs are good if God has led you there. Moreover, not everyone will be an entrepreneur. I have lot of people doing very well in their respective job but I advise you that if you don’t love what you are doing as a job, stop wasting your time. Be bold to quit and start something meaningful. The beginning might be rough but you can be assured that it will pay off just like mine but I repeat, be very sure God is leading you to quit else you might suffer it.

Oginni Tolulope

Top 100 SMEs

In 2018, Tolulope made it to the list of Connect Nigeria’s top emerging 100 SMEs (a business campaign sponsored by Union Bank) with his company Transfurd limited ranking 26. Prior to making the list, he received an award by Teras Realtors and Homes Limited as the most promising Agro Business of the Year 2017. In January 2019, he was appointed Vice President of the World Food Program at the Ghana International Model United Nations Conference. With the core vision of his agricultural firm being the leading food processing company passionate about creating and making wealth equally distributed and generating high returns to stakeholders, he plans on creating greener pastures for all.

My plan is very simple. For my food processing business, I want to have my processing plants across the 36 states of Nigeria which can employ over 1,000 citizens in each state… On the empowerment scheme, we plan to have empowered 5,000 farmers cutting across the rural farmers, youths and junior level students by year 2030.

Oginni Tolulope


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