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App Of The Week: BookTime Africa

BookTime Africa is an app that seeks to incentivise learning among students. The app aims to do this by providing students with monetary and recreational rewards that would boost their enthusiasm to gain knowledge and make them highflyers in their scholastic endeavours. The app was created by Sunday Bawa and released by Iyanu LLC, a company seeking to disrupt the African workforce by utilising technology. BookTime Africa was released in March 2019 and already has over 50,000 downloads.

Most young people in these times are not new to the concept of gaming. Technology has provided them with a variety of games that guarantee them leisure at any time. BookTime Africa has stepped up to take advantage of the powerful tool that gaming is and incorporate it as a means of learning. The platform is seeking to address the learning woes of students by providing them with engaging quiz games that would not only entertain them but sharpen their intellect.

Meet The App

BookTime Africa is available on the Google Play store and takes only a few minutes to download. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will be required to create a profile before using it. This requires details like your full name, email address, phone number, location, password, date of birth, and gender. After signing up, you will be ushered to the homepage of the app where you will be immediately prompted to start gaming. Before you begin, you can easily click on the “Instructions” button right there on the homepage that will lead you to vital information on how you should go about answering the quiz.

The information on how to play the quiz reads as follow:

– For each right answer, you get 5 points

– For each wrong answer, you lose 5 points

– You can buy a hint to a question by spending $1

– You can skip a question but you lose $1

– If you get up to 1000 points, you receive $200

Once you are done reading the necessary information above, you can click on the “Start” button which will lead you to a page containing a list oF school subjects including English Language, literary books such as Animal Farm and Passport of Mallam Ilia, Economics, History, Business Studies, Physics, Geography, Agriculture, Government, Mathematics, Chemistry and miscellaneous ones such as sports and the movie, Long Walk To Freedom.

You can click on a few subjects to immediately you start but you will be required to pay a token of N360 to gain access to other subjects on the app.

BookTime Africa also runs a policy that enables authors looking to engage on the platform have their work published. All they have to do is come up with 300 questions in either multiple-choice, theoretical or image-based formats, and submit them to BookTime. In return, they would be getting their own subcategory on the app in exchange for a token fee.

BookTime Africa is indeed a welcome development in the Nigerian education sector. There is no better way to encourage learning than through the activities – gaming in this instance – that pique the curiosity of scholars.

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