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Apply For The HNG Internship For Beginners And Intermediary Developers

Talent is never enough!

There is a common saying that talent is never enough and where the talented do not work hard, hard work would beat talent. This statement has been proven true in many respect irrespective of race, social standing, income, educational background and every other socio-economic characteristic used to categorize humans. As such, individuals need to come to a place where they seek knowledge and exposure that would give them the opportunity to succeed (based on their definition of success). One of the many opportunities to gain knowledge is the HNG Internship which is aimed at finding some of Africa’s talented developers and providing a platform for them to make changes in the world.

The tag line for HNG Internship – changing the world, one intern at a time, is an affirmation of the founding idea. The HNG Internship is an ambitious attempt to change the way education is done in Africa. It’s the bridge between learning to code and becoming the best in the world.

The HNG internship is a 3-month remote internship designed to find and develop the most talented software developers.

How to Get Into the Program

  • Everyone is welcome to participate, there is no entrance exam.
  • Interns log into the internship using their laptop where they learn important concepts.
  • Each week, interns are given tasks. Those who complete them advance forward and get paid weekly.
  • The intern coders are introduced to complex programming frameworks and get to work on real-world software.
  • The finalists are connected to the best companies in the tech ecosystem and get full-time jobs and contracts immediately.

Available Learning Tracks

  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Product

Benefits of the Program

  • Increased rate of learning: The interns are given tasks that are more focused on real-world experiences. They typically involve a real-world task which aims at identifying the most committed/driven interns and helping them harness their skills better.
  • Get paid to learn: Interns get paid on a weekly basis. They gain experience, learn and earn all at the same time.
  • Connect and network: Interns join an online community that will be available 24/7 to network with each other and discuss.
  • A technological approach to education: Technology is combined with a well-proven education system of learning to mentor interns and help them grow which in turn advances the ecosystem.

Some of the graduates of the HNG Internship have gone on to work in different organizations ranging from IT to financial institutions. Some of the organizations include Andela, Kessintech, Softcom, Tizeti, True Identity, FCMB, Innovation Growth Hub, Verifi,, Traindemy, Konga, Flutterwave, Paystack, Stears Business, Safe Boda amongst others.                                                                                    

Over 15,000 interns have been inducted into the internship and 89% of the interns that graduated got employed immediately after the program. Interested in starting your programming journey with more than just talent or ability? Join the HNG Internship here.

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Featured Image Source: Tech Zim

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