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Age Beeka-I pledge To Nigeria My Country


Book Review: I Pledge To Nigeria My Country (A Critical Analysis Of The Nigerian National Pledge)

By Age Beeka

Uptime Records Ltd., 2017            

Pages: 208

A very significant aspect of a sovereign nation is to be able to communicate effectively its ideals, mindset, values and objectives through and to its people. This is a necessity for the growth and sustenance of national loyalty and patriotism.

The Nigeria National anthem and pledge are symbolic expressions of these ideals and of the attitude the country expects from her citizens. The book by Age Beeka about the national pledge can be ascribed a classic.

The Book is for all Nigerians. Without prejudices or controversy. For the good and benefits of all.


The author had wanted to read a book on the national pledge but found none except a few articles on the internet. Instead of giving up, Beeka heeded Toni Morrison’s advice:

 If there is a book that you want to read, but hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

– Toni Morrison

The book examines line upon line and precept upon precept of the Nigerian national pledge. Written in chapters, each line is succinctly examined to help ensure practice for our national benefit.

Happy reading!

Featured image source: Twitter: @AfricaPen

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