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Chief Louis Orok Edet, The First Indigenous Inspector General Of Police

The Nigeria Police Force is the principal law enforcement agency in Nigeria. Though there is an argument for its staff strength being grossly inadequate, the Nigerian Police Force is however a very large organization consisting of 36 State commands grouped into 12 zones and 7 administrative organs. The Nigerian Police (NP) is designated by the 1999 constitution as the national police of Nigeria with exclusive jurisdiction throughout the country. Constitutional provision also exists, however, for the establishment of separate NPF branches “forming part of the armed forces of the Federation or for their protection of harbours, waterways, railways and airfields.” One such branch, the Port Security Police, was reported by different sources to have a strength in 1990 of between 1,500 and 12,000.

The Nigeria Police Force was first established in 1820 and the first person to have the highest rank in all the police is Commissioner General Colonel KK. In 1879 a 1,200-member armed paramilitary Hausa Constabulary was formed. In 1896 the Lagos Police was established. A similar force, the Niger Coast Constabulary, was formed in Calabar in 1894 under the newly proclaimed Niger Coast Protectorate. In the north, the Royal Niger Company set up the Royal Niger Company Constabulary in 1888 with headquarters.

In 1964, Chief Louis Orok Edet became Nogeria’s first indigenous Inspector General of Police in the person of Chief Louis Orok Edet. He served as the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force from 1964–1966. He was also the chairman of the Nigerian Football Association in the early 1960s, though for a short stint.

Chief Louis Orok Edet was born in Calabar, Cross River, in the then Southern Protectorate, to the family of Edet Essien and Geraldine Orok. Chief Louis Orok Edet is regarded as the Inspector General of Police that established the arm of the police force regarded as the Mobile Police – a branch of the Force armed and ready to fight as soldiers. The Force had to deal with violence, unrest and wars. The Police Mobile Force was established as a strike or Anti-riot unit under the control of the Inspector-General of Police to counter incidents of civil disturbance. It is designated to take over operations of major crisis where conventional police units cannot cope. There are presently 12 MOPOL Commands, MOPOLs 1 thru 12, controlling 52 Police Mobile Squadrons which are spread amongst the 36 State Commands and Federal Capital Territory (FCT). He was also the one that introduced the use of dogs, and incorporated females into it.

 After the end of the Nigeria-Biafran war after he had retired, he devoted his time to helping war refugees and later became a commissioner for social services. He established a charity organization to continue his effort.

He was Succeeded in that position of the Inspector General of Police by Kam Salem. Chief Louis Orok Edet died in 1979. At the time of his death, he was hypertensive, however, he died of natural causes; in his sleep, at the age of 65..

 The Nigeria Police Force headquarters in Abuja is named after Louis Edet as “Louis Edet House”.


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