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Crazy About The South East: Tourist Spots In Abia State

We rarely consider the South-Eastern states of Nigeria as Tourism hot spots. To change this narrative, here are some places you can go to to create great memories in Abia State:  

Umuahia Town

National War Museum, Umuahia – zodml
National War Museum, Umuahia – HometownNG
National War Museum, Umuahia – HometownNG
National War Museum, Umuahia – HometownNG

The capital city of Abia is a treasure trove of tourist attractions. E.g. the National Gallery of Art – for showcasing artworks – and the National War Museum (that houses relics from the Nigeria-Biafran War in three galleries on a wide expanse of land). Relics such as Boats, Aircraft, Artillery/civil war and traditional warfare weapons, war uniforms, and Ojukwu’s bunker can be found there.

The Azumini Blue River

Azumini Blue River – Nigeria Galleria

Located in Azumini town, Ukwa East LGA, this crystal clear blue water is ideal for water activities like swimming, skiing, fishing and boat or yacht cruise. It’s also great relaxation spot for picnics with barbecue grills. There are chairs and tables available for recreation. It is just a 30-minute drive from Aba town when passing through the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway.

The Akwete Cloth Market

Akwete Market – PulseNG

Located in Ukwa LGA is the Akwete traditional cloth weaving market which is along the same axis as the Blue Azumini River. If arts and craft, history or unique travel photography is your deal, then you should add this spot to your list of tourism destinations in Abia state. 

Arochukwu town

Chief Okoroji’s House – Johnston Njoku
Arochukwu Cave – Hometown NG
Destiny Gate- Hometown NG

This town in Arochukwu LGA is the third-largest city in Abia state (after Aba and Umuahia) with 19 villages within its borders. It has a Cave with multiple outlets like a destiny gate, a spring/waterfall leading to a flowing Iyi-eke stream, temple and the long juju slave trade route (a point of no return). The Arochukwu Long Juju Slave route/cave temple complex is on the UNESCO Tentative List of Heritage Sites. There are other attractions associated with this town.  Such as the Okoroji House Museum (which documents the precolonial history of the Igbo people and was declared a national monument in 1972 for its trans-Atlantic slave trade artefacts). Also, the Ibini Ukpabi Shrine, over a century old Presbyterian churches and its monarchy the Eze Aro. 

Aba Town

National Museum of Colonial History – Hometown NG

Aba is the commercial hub of Abia state and just as popular as Umuahia. One of its attractions is the town is the National Museum of Colonial History whose building itself is a national monument. Because it was brought in from Britain in the 1890s and assembled in Akwete as a trade station. Besides the documented history of Nigeria from pre-colonial times to her independence, foodies can get African delicacies and palm wine from the Museum’s kitchen. There are relaxation facilities for visiting tourists.

Ohafia LGA

EziOfia Cave – Jumia Travel

Here we have Abiriba Town which comes to life during the December period when lots of carnivals and festivals to attend. Not to mention the mystic legends about the big Achi tree at the centre of Abiriba town and the Ishimokoto River within the town; coupled with the town’s preserved traditional institutions. All these make Abiriba a great place for cultural tourism. Also, in this LGA is the EziOfia Cave for adventure-adventure- seekers and the Ohafia Dancers for entertainment. 

Time would fail us to talk more on the many caves in Abia state like the Ngodo Cave at Ngodolsuchi, Uhuchukwu Cave at Isuikwuato LGA and the Ulochukwu cave at Bende LGA. Or even the wonder hollow tree (called Amakama wooden cave) that can house up to 20 people; the Ugwuabia festival and the traditional dances and festivals that holds autonomously in different parts of Abia State. But we would love to hear from you on the cool places tourists can hang out in Abia State. Please drop a comment.  

Featured Image Source: Mormon News Room

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