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Crenet: Tech For Business Growth

Continuing in the series for the month – Coding / Programming Startups, I will be sharing some information about a Nigerian technology company that is dedicated in its pursuit of business growth for every organization and business they work with. Stay with me as we delve a little deeper into what they do, their products and services as well as their guiding point.

“A technology company dedicated to business growth.”

These are the first words that will catch your attention when you visit the Crenet website. Crenet was created in 2016 and is run by Kehinde Olateru, the CEO; Adegbenga Agoro, the Chief Technical Officer and Matilda Okufi as the Chief Development Officer. 

Crenet has been creating award-winning websites, digital products, mobile apps and custom software since 2016 using their experience, talent, and commitment in leaving a mark greater than themselves.

Today, people waltz towards companies with great customer experiences that best meet their needs as individuals and as a business. Crenet combines these capabilities into a single solution, creating unified brand experiences that change industries and foster meaningful relationships with users. They advocate for change and productivity through the efficient and aesthetic design of web solutions, application and strategies, with values that revolve around 100% value delivery, innovation and integrity.

Driven by a strong desire to create, they transform companies by designing top-tier experiences using necessary technology, data, and organisational strategy required for operational excellence. Crenet applies a user-centric approach which has made them one of the fastest-growing technology consulting agency in Nigeria.


The Crenet team is proficient in a range of services that can help promote and empower any company or organization.

  1. Strategy: Service Design Strategy, Product Strategy, Brand Strategy, and Content Development
  2. Mobile and Web: Responsive Web Dev., e-Commerce, UI/UX Design and Hosting & Security.
  3. Digital Products: Apps (Web & Mobile), Prototyping, Roadmapping, DevOps, and Product Development.
  4. Experiential: Event Registration, Attendance Tracking, Video Production, and Training


Some of the several projects they have worked on include:

  • NBA election
  • Semicolon
  • TEF
  • Alejo
  • The Spice Backstage
  • my Tradebook; amongst others

A quote from Kehinde Olateru, the CEO practically sums up the small idea behind their big wins.

“We believe that we can live in a world where every product or service has an easy to use experience on all platforms. And our mission is to make it happen.”

– Kehinde Olateru, CEO Crenet

Crenet is on a mission to use technology help organizations with business growth, and what better time for this than at the point when there has been an increase in the number of investments in the Nigerian tech startup statistics.

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Crenet Tech Labs

Featured Image Source: The Metro Lawyer

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