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Did You Know? Lagbaja is not the First Nigerian Musician to Cover his Face

Lagbaja was born in 1960 and he began his music career in the 90’s. He is now known as ‘the masked one’ because of the unsettling masks made of traditional African cloth that he wears over his face when performing.

But before Lagbaja began to sing and cover his face, there was Tunde King. However, there are no images of Tunde and his mask in the 1920’s.

Tunde King, now referred to by many as the ‘father of juju music‘, was born in the early 19th century into a traditional Yoruba background that frowned on music as a profession. Thus, at the beginning of his career, the story has it that he would wear a mask while performing to hide his real identity. Later on, when influential personalities began to notice his music, he stopped wearing the mask. But he continued to protect his image, preferring to perform at private gatherings and in the homes of the wealthy rather than on the streets of Lagos.

Tunde King was born in Lagos in the year 1910. He was a motor mechanic first, then a clerk with the United Africa Company before he started his career in music. As a young man he belonged to an admired group of ‘area boys’ (as young men and their groups of friends were known back then) and he was very popular in his community. Legend has it that a woman was so moved by his music that she threw her golden bracelet to him while he was singing her


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Featured Image Source: BBC

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