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Fura da Nono, Sokoto’s Favorite Local Drink

Sokoto State was carved out of the old North Western State in February 3, 1976. The state is named after its capital, Sokoto, a city with a long history.  Sokoto is the seat of the caliphate and the home of the great Uthman Dan Fodio. The Hubbaren, a notable tourist attraction in the state, is the tomb of Uthman Dan Fodio and many others from his lineage. Sokoto is also an agricultural state; millet, rice, corn are some of its agricultural products. Like most states in Northern Nigeria, Sokoto, is home to herdsmen who rear cattle that produce abundant milk for local consumption.

On our food history segment today is fura da nono. This local drink is indigenous to the Fulani ethnic group. Indeed, the art of nono production is one of the many unique traditions of the Fulani which has been preserved for centuries. Fura da nono is very popular in northern states of Nigeria in general and in Sokoto State in particular. In fact, there’s a saying that no day is complete in the life of a Sokoto man without the fura.

Fura da nono translates to millet and milk gruel. Millet, the major ingredient for making fura, is rich in carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. Condiments like ginger, cloves and pepper spice up the fura balls.  Nono is locally fermented cow milk. It has a consistency that is thick but isn’t quite as thick as yoghurt. It also contains loads of vitamins and minerals that support vital physiological process in the body.

Fulani women are the major vendors of this local, nutritious drink. They peddle the fura da nono in big calabashes and mix and serve orders in smaller bowls. Traditionally, they mold the fura into a ball and mash it into the milk just before serving. This gives the vendors an opportunity to sell two distinct products at the same time.

Individuals of all age group and social class enjoy this refreshing drink in Sokoto. People who have hygienic concerns about the manner in which the Fulani vendors peddle fura da nono, can lay these concerns to rest by preparing it at home. To make fura da nono at home, you would need millet flour, ginger, cloves, pepper, salt and water to make fura balls. You can either buy authentic nono from Hausa/Fulani vendors or use any choice of raw milk, skimmed milk or yoghurt to prepare it.


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Obiamaka Angela Udevi

Udevi, Obiamaka Angela holds a Master of Arts degree in History & International Studies. She's a freelance writer with a passion for food and healthy living. She can be contacted through her email address,

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