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How can Nigerians Hold Politicians Responsible?

A video in which former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu was manhandled by some men of Igbo extraction in Nuremberg, Germany was in circulation over the weekend. Ekweremadu was scheduled to speak as a special guest of honour at the 2nd Igbo Annual Festival in Germany. The motive of the attack is still unknown, but there are insinuations that members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) who are dissatisfied with the senator’s performance in his Enugu constituency are responsible.

Prior to Ekweremadu’s saga, video clips and pictures showing the parade of the Mayor of the Mexican city of Huixtan on streets for failing to fulfil his campaign promise of providing a better water system for the community were circulated online. In Nigeria where politicians are next to gods and treated like they are untouchable and unquestionable, such an act would be impossible.

While the violent treatment meted on Ekweremadu stands condemned, the boldness with which non-performing politicians in the country carry themselves is indicative of a culture that fails to hold them accountable.

As it stands, the Senate, after comments made by the Senate President Ahmad Lawan condemned the action, will be pressuring the Federal Government for the German government to make moves to deport the Nigerian nationals and prosecute them in Nigeria.

Naturally, a proper way by which the electorate gets rid of ineffective political leaders is by voting but the electoral process is now badly corrupted that the wish of the people does not reflect the results most of the time. In advanced countries, it is common to see politicians being boldly confronted at events; it is also that mobs throw eggs at politicians who refuse to do the people’s bidding.

Nigerian leaders get away with a lot of crimes. The assurance that there will be no repercussions energizes them even more to commit more misdemeanor. The National Assembly, in a time of huge national debt, has awarded its members a bounty of luxury cars at overtly inflated prices. It is alleged that the surplus funds from the vehicle purchase usually settles as additional emolument for the lawmakers.

If lawmakers could be as corrupt as this, it is only a matter of time that the executives and the judiciary begin to take advantage of the laxity of the legislators. If politicians are in the habit of rushing abroad to launder their dented image at organised talk shows, Nigerians in diaspora may continue to have a skewed view of what the reality of Nigeria really is; as a result, this will enable more politicians to go scot free with their antics.

Featured image source: Today NG

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