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Recipe for Sandar Jauro, the Snack Enjoyed in Jigawa State

Sandar Jauro means Jauro’s sticks in Hausa. Jauro is a Fulani male name but no one seems to know why this name was adopted for the snack under discussion. Sandar Jauro, also known as wheat sticks, is a scrumptious delight that is enjoyed in Jigawa State and other parts of Northern Nigeria. It can be served as breakfast or snack.

The snack is made from whole wheat and sugar. Whole wheat is a wholesome grain that is high in calories. Nutrients and fiber that’s naturally found in whole wheat are still in tact, so it offers more nutrition than all purpose flour. What’s more, whole wheat contains a high amount of dietary fibre which aids digestion. It is also recommended for weight loss diet.

Sandar Jauro is usually very hard, but it is a healthy treat. A small batch of sandar Jauro can be prepared in thirty minutes or less. Please note that for gluten intolerant people, wheat flour, the chief ingredient in this snack can be substituted with maize flour. Having said that, let us discuss the preparation of this snack.


Wheat flour






Vegetable Oil


Baking Soda



How to Prepare

Pour yogurt in a bowl. Add eggs, sugar, salt, vegetable oil to the bowl and whisk until smooth. Set this aside for later use.

In another clean bowl, pour wheat flour. Add baking powder and cinnamon to the wheat flour. Afterwards, add the yogurt mix and water. Mix and knead the mixture until a smooth dough is formed.

Rinse and cut the fresh beetroot. Insert the beetroot into the dough to give it some reddish color.

Cover the dough and leave it for about ten minutes. Knead it again and then use a rolling pin to flatten it on a board. Cut the dough into long strands. Fry in hot oil until it browns.

Serve with honey dip.

I hope you enjoy this snack.


Arewa Cafeteria

The Spruce Eats

Featured Image Source: Arewa Cafeteria

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